GEN IV: EVENT Legendary Beast Trio, GEN 4

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Thread: EVENT Legendary Beast Trio, GEN 4

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    Exclamation EVENT Legendary Beast Trio, GEN 4

    Hey there
    I am looking for the EVENT Legendary Trio for my SoulSilver. It is a gift for my 7yr old sister, who after viewing the Zoroark movie is very keen on owning them.
    Unfortunetly I have next-to-nothing to offer, but I am willing to accept clones, just as long as it isn't hacked, so must have correct ID and OT, with the original moves (don't care about the berry it comes with).

    I do have an original Raikou or Entie to trade :S a Ditto, Red Gyarados, Dusparce, Modest Espeon, Smeargle... that's about it.

    Please help me out, my sister loves them, and I would be the best brother ever to her, if only somebody could help me out.

    Thanks for looking, and even greater thanks in advance for helping. :)
    White FC :1291 9947 1214

    Could you please leave feedback after trading with me, thank you very much.

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    Default Re: EVENT Legendary Beast Trio, GEN 4

    I'll trade you my crown beast entei for a manphy or deoxys if you have one of those...


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