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    Hello! So i was looking for 6IV Ditto on the GTS and i got Scammed, Twice. Both of them mentioning 6IV in description. Even one of them have 6 v as their name. The other one wasn't foreign at all... I feel so frustrated right now. I just lose my Zekrom and Palkia. I know i'm so stupid... So i was wondering. Does anyone here have 6IV non-USA Ditto for trade? Cloned or hacked doesn't matter. I just needed it to build my team... Thanks!
    I have some Pokemon to offer.
    Shiny : Mawile, Croconaw, Slurpuff, Dewott, Scizor, Vespiqueen, Uxie, Rayquaza, Cobalion, Thundurus.
    Event : Arceus, Jirachi, Celebi, Mew, Victini, Shaymin, Deoxys.
    For Event they're legit. For shiny, not so sure but Slurpuff does.
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