Rules and Guidelines of Global Trade Station [Updated 6/22/13]
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Thread: Rules and Guidelines of Global Trade Station [Updated 6/22/13]

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    Default Rules and Guidelines of Global Trade Station [Updated 6/22/13]

    Global Trade Station

    Welcome to our Trade Center! Although we strive to provide a safe trading environment for everyone, our powers are limited to what is written on the forum. So, use common sense when making trades. Be careful when trading with an unfamiliar face offering a trade that is too good to be true. If you were scammed or encountered some other concern when trading, let us know by reporting the issue. Either contact a Trade moderator (TwilightBlade, Dolce, Zeb) or report by clicking on the caution icon () located on the bottom part of every post.

    We encourage you to read the specifics of trade threads and to follow these instructions. Not all individual requests made in threads are enforceable by the rules, but many are. Intentionally failing to agree with someone's trade conditions (or being so negligent that you simply ignore them) is grounds for an infraction or a ban, depending on the severity of the incident. Obey the following rules whenever posting in this section.

    1. Follow the Forum Rules. Pay special attention to the Multiple Posting rule.
    If the last post in the thread is yours, Edit () the post. You may only double post if you are updating your inventory or bumping your thread (see below).

    2. Do not type the thread title in all capitals; we will rename your thread if necessary.
    If your thread is left unnoticed, you may bump your thread only once every five days. Also, if you have multiple wants/offers of single Pokémon, post them all in the same thread. We want each member to have an equal chance at their thread being noticed.

    3. Do not hijack other members' trade threads.
    This means you can't barge into a want thread and then arrange a trade with someone who sent an offer to the original poster there. If you want the same thing as someone else, you should start a thread of your own.

    4. Whenever dealing with hacked Pokémon, both members must agree before the trade takes place.
    Trading a hacked Pokémon without the recipient knowing will lead to an infraction. If you feel suspicious about a Pokémon's legitimacy, you should use the Hacked Pokemon Services Sticky to reduce issues. Below is a list that can help you identify if your Pokémon is hacked.

    5. Please mention if your Pokémon are obtained through cloning, RNG abuse, or some external device like Action Replay regardless of the Pokémon's legality.
    Even though such a trade should be safe, some take safety measures to avoid the possibility of their game getting damaged or flagged. Cloning and RNG abusing are not considered hacking, but not everyone thinks the same.

    6. Bulbagarden Networks does not support the usage of illegal game copies in any way.
    Any threads involving emulators, flash carts and other applications/devices allowing people to use ROMs will be closed and the user will be infracted for Copyright Violation.

    7. Do not use actual monetary values nor merchandise when negotiating trades.
    Keep trading within the Pokémon video games. Noncompliance can lead to your thread being closed, and depending on the severity of the incident, we will take further action.

    Important: An automatic lockdown of old threads has been put into place in Global Trade Station. All threads older than 14 days are automatically locked.

    About Each Section

    The Global Trade Station consists of two sub-forums, the Wanted Station and the Offering Station.

    — Threads in the Wanted Station contain requests of certain Pokémon and/or items. You may optionally specify that hacks are allowed, but you shouldn't refuse legal Pokémon in such a case.

    — The Offering Station is for Pokémon/items offers, along with giveaways. To avoid confusion, be sure to distinguish between what you're putting up for offer and what's free.

    — If you're seeking a Pokémon that cannot be legally obtained, use the Hacked Pokémon Services sticky. Our definition of "hacked" includes Pokémon created, edited or altered by applications and external devices, such as Pokésav and Action Replay. RNG abuse or cloning (regardless of method) are not considered hacking here. If you have a particular question on what's allowed or not, feel free to check with the Trade staff before trading the Pokémon.

    — Tradeback & Cloning Pokémon Services is a sticky dedicated to trade-related issues and service requests, including but not limited to:
    - Trade and tradeback for evolution induced by trading
    - Trade and tradeback for Pokédex data
    - Transferring Pokémon between two games of the same member via a third game (same generation or Poké Transfer for Gen IV-V)
    - Cloning
    - SID checking

    — Our main forum hosts all of our trade shops. A shop is a thread with a lot of offers and usually also hosts several services. Unlike regular offers, shops are also expected to update with new content and not just be there for a few trades. Shops need to be approved by a Trade moderator before becoming visible.

    Forum Specific Rules

    Currently, we have one forum specific rule: Illegal Hacking/Trading. Basically, you will recieve this infraction if you are caught cheating or stealing in a trade, as well as intentionally trading hacks without the other member knowing. You must also check whatever codes or methods you are using to obtain/trade Pokemon to reduce the chance of damaging another player's game.

    Otherwise, happy trading!

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