SPECIAL: November 2011 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread
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Thread: November 2011 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread

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    Default November 2011 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread

    Since the previous one was closed for whatever reason, I'll take the liberty of making a new one...if that's allowed, that is.

    This month has the release of a new Corocoro Ichiban! And with it, a new chapter.

    This month has Black vs Clay part 2 (I think) and them arriving in Mistralton City.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Adventures Discussion thread

    It was closed because it'd be better to have monthly discussion threads so it's easier to sort through the discussions. And that discussions of past volumes/releases can go in the archive.
    If you don't mind editing your title to reflect as such, that'd be cool :D

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    Default Re: November 2011 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread

    The first battle was between Yakon's Gamagaru and Black's Mun'na. Yakon had Gamagaru wrap its tongue around Black's pokemon and trap it, but it used the fact that it was now connected to its opponent to attack. After Mun'na uses Zen Headbutt, a double knockout occurs.

    The second battle was between Yakon's Doryuuzu and Black's Charbu. Doryuuzu starts digging holes all over the battlefield, so Charbu is ordered to start punching holes into the ground as well. Eventually, the field is covered with so many holes that Charbu is actually able to see Doryuuzu as it continues to burrow underground. Charbu attacks Doryuuzu, resulting in another double knockout. Charbu's final attack kicks up some rocks that hit the power box in the gym and causes the lights to go out.

    The third battle was between Yakon's Waruvile and Black's Protoga. Waruvile's eyes are able to pick up on body heat, enabling it to see Protoga even with the lights off! Eventually, Waruvile comes in for an attack but is stopped when Black jumps between it and his pokemon. He then orders Protoga to use a water attack in the direction of his voice. Protoga obeys and knocks Waruvile out, ending the battle.

    We never get a shot of the Quake badge. Post 3/11 censoring, or the artist just didn't feel like drawing it?

    After the battle, Yakon reveals that all the Gym Leaders are aware that the Plasma-Dan has been watching them with hidden cameras. They're also aware that they know that the Dark Stone is being held in the Shippou City museum. Yakon tells Black that he'll be helping them out and starts to lead him to the Tower of Heaven to meet up with the other Gym Leaders.
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    Default Re: November 2011 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread

    The battles seemed pretty mediocre to be honest, with the double knockouts.


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