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Thread: July 2012 "Pocket Monsters Reburst" Review Thread

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    Default Re: July 2012 "Pocket Monsters Reburst" Review Thread

    Volume six is coming out on September 18.

    Since no one cares, let's post the newest chapter's pics.

    ....Sigh. I knew this was coming. I knew. The long, white hair. The main villain status. I knew that he looked like "that" Pokemon, but I didn't want to think about it. But it happened.

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    Default Re: July 2012 "Pocket Monsters Reburst" Review Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Eitarou View Post
    Maybe we should call him Furlord from now on :P

    Honestly, I didn't see that coming, although the hair really should have made it obvious. As for the design, Fraud as a Reshiram Burst Warrior really reminds me of grown-up version of Lucemon. Then I just realized, Fraud would be the Luc**** to Halil's and Carola's Saviors, considering their names resemble certain words. And so, what I thought when Fraud said in the last panel as "The Final Dinner" can also be translated as The Last Supper... (I could be overthinking this though...

    I'll just note that Fraud has turbine tail, while Ryouga doesn't. Does the lack of the tail have something to do with age or something?

    As for my final comments, it's nice to see a manga (excluding ani-manga) where the roles of Reshiram and Zekrom are switched. I'm rather tired of seeing Zekrom as part of the main villain's team, so reading this manga is a nice change.
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    Default Re: July 2012 "Pocket Monsters Reburst" Review Thread

    Sorry for the inactivity lately! Here's my summary for the second half of July:

    Chapter 66: "Betrayal and Revenge and..."

    Yappy's out in town by himself getting supplies for everyone. As he makes his way through the streets, he encounters Gerubu, the GG member he saw at the BHS! Gerubu asks Yappy to carry a communication device and use it to tell them when his group's reached Arcades. Gerubu presents Yappy with a suitcase full of (Japanese) cash and tells him that he can have up to 100 times that amount if he cooperates with them. When Yappy shows signs of hesitation, Gerubu adds that they'll also be able to get him a job at ZBC, the most prestigious media company a journalist could hope to work for! Yappy thinks about how rich and famous he'll be but, upon remembering Ryouga and the others, decides that betraying his friends is not worth it. He smashes the communication device on the ground and makes a run for it before Gerubu can attack. Gerubu doesn't pursue, however, since he was able to place a tracer on Yappy before he ran off.

    When Yappy returns, he expects to be greeted as a hero for giving up money and fame to avoid betraying them. Instead, everyone just gangs up on him for getting the wrong food and medicine! Poor Yappy...

    Meanwhile, over at the GG headquarters, Hariru and Carola prepare to sneak in and finally get their revenge on Fraud. They notice how nobody seems to be guarding the place and thinks it feels suspicious, but they continue to break in anyway. Inside, they come across a hallway with fallen soldiers everywhere! Hariru wonders if someone else got to Fraud first, but a still-conscious soldier lets him know that it was actually Fraud who attacked everyone in the building! Just then, the boss of the GG enters the room. After commenting on how totally different he looks since the BHS, Hariru asks Fraud why he would attack his own men like that. Fraud responds by saying that he simply no longer has any need for them; he's already absorbed enough pokemon to gain a perfect body, after all! Both Hariru and Carola Burst into Zorro'ark and Emboar, so Fraud Bursts into Kirikizan. A fierce battle begins...

    Chapter 67: "The Evolved vs. The Strongest"

    Hariru's and Fraud's battle is happening at such an amazing speed that Carola isn't even able to follow it! As the fight goes on, both Hariru and Fraud congratulate the other on how much stronger they've gotten since the last time they faced each other. Hariru figures he's about ten times stronger than he was during the BHS and yet Hariru is still stronger. On the other hand, Hariru is just a little bit faster than Fraud is, leading him to believe that if he drags this battle out long enough, Fraud will let down his guard. At that moment, Fraud de-Bursts! He tells Hariru that Kirikizan isn't the pokemon he's been training so hard to be able to make the most of and goes over to a throne at the end of the hall to retrieve a second Burst Heart. He then Bursts into a Reshiram Burst Warrior! On a boat headed toward the island where the GG's headquarters are located, Gerubu is delighted that the time has finally come.

    Elsewhere, Ryouga and his friends have started training for their upcoming meeting with Arcades even though their wounds haven't all healed yet. Suddenly, dark clouds and an ominous sound divert everyone's attention outside. As Ryouga guesses that Fraud is the cause of this strange phenomenon, he notices that his Burst Heart has started to shake violently.

    Back at the GG headquarters, Fraud the Reshiram Warrior prepares to attack Hariru.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eitarou
    I mean, look at him! He has the crotch fur! How am I supposed to take this guy seriously, when he looks like he's waaaay too happy to be in this fight.
    I KNOW ;_;
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