Here is a little activity because I'm super nicely bored.

Okay. A genie grants you three wishes but there is a catch. You can't wish to bend the rules or to exceed 3 wishes. They all relate to 1900 to 1935, so keep that in mind.


Your first wish has given you the chance to experience an invention created between 1900 to 1935. Let's say you want a plane, you can only have a plane model created in the years given. Even though space existed throughout time, you can't fly there since Man went into space far later. You can't steal off someone nor can you alter time that would create massive issues in history. So you can't have a special gun or a tank to knock off an leader or to save anyone, you can't change the past but you can have an invention.

Second wish allows you to experience an event between 1900 to 1935 So if you want to go the day that the Treaty of Versailles was signed then you can but you can't affect time. You can't try to knock off any leader or anyone at all because not allowed and nor are you allowed to make money off it. So you can't bet on sporting events back in the past at all or try to dump stocks in the 1920's. Basically you are a bystander than can experience an event but not gain financially, romantically (you can't sleep with anyone in the past), physically or screw up history by altering it (Say you want to spit on Woodrow Wilson, you can't) or steal their place (You can't try to become Charlie Chaplin or anyone else)

Third Wish allows you to live one year between 1900 to 1935 as a normal rich person that can't alter any event that could screw up nation and international history, in any nation that existed in that era.

There done. I will tell you guys if your wish is invalid or can be done. Have fun.

Also respect people's opinions, don't attack anyone personally, have fun, explain your wishes and you can't kill the genie.