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What I (from a person who lives in neither Scotland or the rest of the UK) wonder about is what will happen if the world ends up with a UK inside the EU and Scotland outside of it, or even Scotland within the EU and the UK outside of it. Hello new land border that hasn't existed in a very long time! I'm not saying anything about the desirability of either of these situations, but it's just interesting to think about.
Why would Scotland becoming independent correlate to the UK not being in the EU, regardless of whether or not Scotland joins? And technically the English-Scottish border exists right now, just not in the manner of sovereign states (they have welcome signs and everything!).
I'm not saying those things are correlated. I'm saying that the Scottish independence vote and the UK vote on remaining in the EU are INDEPENDENT but still very important events.

I.e. Scotland votes to leave the UK. At this point it is outside the EU, so it looks to join and does (through a presumably fast process). The UK, however, votes to leave the EU 3 years later, leaving Scotland as a part of the EU.

Or, the less confusing event: Scotland votes to become independent and does not end up joining the EU because different member states don't want it there/the Scottish people decide they don't want to, and the UK remains in the EU.

In either of these situations, you have a suddenly active border that needs to be guarded whereas before you just had a "Welcome to Scotland!" sign.