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    I'm aware that this was yesterday but I wasn't a member at that point in time, for any fellow Liverpool fans, it's always tragic losing an icon as a manager, but in fairness, I think it is what we needed.

    Thoughts? Any guesses as to who will replace him?

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    Terrible manager.

    If they have any sense they'll get Martinez. I have absolutely no idea why so many Liverpool fans want Benitez back though, since he practically destroyed the club.

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    I would definitely welcome AVB, as bad as people think he is, he is a defensive coach, and Liverpool boast a remarkable back four. The Chelsea team did not fit AVB, that's why he failed.

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    @PkmnWhite; (Become Gatorage already>.<)

    Dude, Benitez took liverpool to a win in the UCL and took them to a runner's up position a few years back in the PL. Dalglish spent more than 100 million on over-rated players and finishes below Everton and 36(?) points or so after City. I can see why fans want Benitez back.

    Imo, AVB is inexperienced. And Liverpool's back 4 is by no means "remarkable". Its by no means any close to City's, Rag's Or Chelsea's back 4.
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    @Lord Clowncrete; I will as soon as I can :I

    Benitez also spent loads of money on very average players. Martinez looks like he's going to get the job anyway now.

    AVB is inexperienced yes, but he's talented, there's no denying that. The Chelsea team did not suit him and he tried to overhaul the whole team in one stroke, which backfired and the players reacted badly. He gets sacked, Di Matteo steps in and goes back to basics. Deep backline with Drogba up top and hey, it paid off.


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