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    Default We're On Twitter!

    Fellow denizens of the War Room, it with our greatest pleasure that we introduce our new Twitter feed for the War Room, located here.

    If you have a Twitter account, follow us as we keep track of the latest games approved, update with info on recent plays, delve into mafia and general strategy and talk about upcoming events. We may look to hosting a mafia game down the line through Twitter if we can work out the mechanics.

    For those that don't have a twitter account, you're free to check out the page for all the random info. Don't worry, getting a Twitter account isn't mandatory. (But you may not be able to join in if we ever decided to host)

    If you'd like to chip in:
    If you guys had anything you'd like to share with us revolving around tips, strategies, additional improvements and other suggestions you're welcome to share it with us here so we can Tweet it or if you'd like to submit anonymously, please send it to Mintaka or Mijzelffan and they'll take care of your request!

    Come check it out today!
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    Default Re: We're On Twitter!

    For users that have a Twitter account, there is an easy way to send in entries that you want us to feature in the BMGfWarRoom.

    When you write a Tweet, add "@BMGfWarRoom" at the beginning of the Tweet.

    This will allow us to see your Tweet (given that your account is not a Private one).

    Then one of the mods, after checking the entry, can Retweet it and make it an official entry of the The War Room Twitter account.

    As already mentioned, if you don't have a Twitter account and would like to submit an entry anonymously (or if you want your name mentioned in the Tweet, let us know), feel free to submit an entry to either me or Mijzelffan with a Personal Message.


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