As you all know by now, the YGO: TAS mafia game had to be closed for reasons other than inactivity or endgame.

One: Hostility

People getting extremely heated within the arguments and lacked civility as a result. Both sides yelled at each other in attempts to get the other side to back down. As a result of the entire day 1 phase consisting of this hostility, a player requested to be subbed out due to the nature of the game.

Two: Being unsportsmanlike

Completing ingame actions based on attitude and not in the context of the game reeks of being unsportsmanlike in your behavior. If you kill someone because they're allegedly making the game unenjoyable for you, then that is not being a good sport, but rather bitter in behavior. Remember that all quicktopics are made public at the end of the game.

Three: Playing against your win condition.

One person outed their role without a second thought within the game. Both areas of events above register as playing against your win condition. If you are, say, a mafia roleblocker, then you have to help your teammates survive the town's onslaught while trying to play the part of being the townie. If you're town, then your aim is to hunt for scum and lynch them.

Four: Overvaluing friendship

Another knew that a friend of theirs was mafia yet refused to vote for her. Friendship has its place on the outside. You can chat, text and go nuts on the outside. But it has no place in a mafia game. One should not avoid lynching someone just because of friendship. Leave it at the door. When you play mafia, you play to your win condition. Not for the sake of having fun with friends.

There will be rule changes coming as a result of that game. Watch for them.

If another game degenerates like this one did, it will be closed on sight.

Thanks for your time.

-WR staff