Well, lets try this again!

"Come on! We dont have time for this! Waddle Doos! Surround Dream Land! TAC, You know what to do!", King Dedede yelled from his quarters.


"Hehehehe! Time for a little fun!" Marx whispered with an evil smile.


"Ax! Mace! Where are we?"
"Just above Dream Land m'lord!"
"But sir! Its surrounded by King Dedede's army!"
"I can take them..." And with that, Meta Knight had vanished.

But down in the village, Kirby had multiplyed into many copies of himself, And was ready to face all the odds.

Phew. Fairly decent backstory.
For the rules:
ALL Bmgf rules apply
Fakeclaiming, Nameclaiming, Roleclaiming. All is allowed!

NOTE: This game WILL have DAYKILLERS! So the night phase is 24 hours, the action dayphase is 12 hours and the voting dayphase is 12 Hours. Enjoy!

Accepting up to 25 People..