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    Hey guys was wondering if any one here ever have had the misfortune of encountering a spirit / ghost. If so what was your experience and did it had a major impact on your life till this day ..

    Also do you guys believe in the supernatural and life after death or you think its just in our imagination?.. So tell us what you guys think of this and let us hear your encounters and story's that you have had in your life x3..

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    I've never had a paranormal or otherworldly encounter, no. In all honestly, I definitely wouldn't count it as a misfortune if I did. I've spent most of my childhood believing in the paranormal; wanting any kinda sign that I wasn't dumb in believing they existed. Obviously, I know I'd probably be shit scared if I did see a ghost. No one can say "if I saw a ghost I wouldn't be afraid", I don't think. I'm just saying I'd count it as more of an amazing thing than a misfortune.

    But yes, I believe in the paranormal/supernatural. I have all my life, and have no intention of stopping until I'm proved wrong. ^^; I don't exactly want to become a "ghost hunter", or whatever, I think that's a tad silly. If they're there, then they're there for a reason, we shouldn't mess with them. I also don't believe they're harmful in any way.

    As for life after death, being religious, yes, I believe in that. I don't believe it as most other people in my religion do, though, in fact I'd say my view is widely different.

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    Default Re: Ghost Encounters

    I hugely believe in the afterlife yes. n_n For me...I just simply don't think that after we die, we just vanish out of existence or anything like that. I feel that our souls have to rest in peace someplace.

    But to answer the question directly, no, I've never really come into contact with any form of afterlife...MAYBE once, but I feel like I couldn't really confirm whether or not it was a spirit...I'd feel kinda embarrassed to share the story about that, anyway. xD;

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    Default Re: Ghost Encounters

    I don't really believe in the afterlife or the paranormal but it does fascinate me. I love documentaries, movies and shows about it. I've never had a paranormal experience myself, i'd be quite excited if I did, probably more so than scared. My mum has a few stories of stuff that has happened to her but she's like me, it fascinates her but she doesn't believe it really. I'd be very interested in hearing about other people's experiences though.

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