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    Default Re: facts about you

    I'll play too:
    -I'm a white, blonde, 19 year old, male
    -I love Pokemon, and have since it was introduced in the US
    -I ride my bike alot. I'm looking at a new road racing bike at the moment.
    -I like to eat fruits and vegetables alot
    -I love Tea, and spend lots of money on it
    -I collect and build Legos
    -College is fun for me
    -I like to read, and spend lots of time in book stores
    -Cars are fun, but I try to walk and bike more than I drive.
    -I love my family, and they mean more than anything in the world to me.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    I have black crazy curly hair:
    I have black eyes:
    My favourite food is pasta:

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    Default Re: facts about you

    ^You seem to like colons: ...


    My DeviantART site. (Be kind!) ... Also my webcomic, "Pulp Culture"

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    Default Re: facts about you

    I love semi-colons!! SO much, they're probably one of my favourite punctuation marks! Curly brackets are nice too! So is ¬.

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    Default Re: facts about you


    - I'm 21 going on 22
    - I'm male
    - I'm straight (but supportive of gay rights)
    - I'm an atheist
    - I'm Belgian
    - Flemish to be more precise
    - I'm not too fond of our French half
    - I've been a Pokémon fan since 1998, which makes me somewhat ancient
    - I got back into the franchise roughly 3 years ago.
    - I'm overweight, but not morbidly
    - I'm a big Harry Potter fan, having read the books in Dutch and English, several times. And I've seen all the movies currently out.
    - My favorite Pokémon is Milotic, because it's awesome
    - I used to follow professional wrestling maniacally, until Vince McMahon's shenanigans became unforgivable
    - I can easily alter my voice, with some people referring to me as a natural voice artist.
    - I play guitar somewhat, but I prefer not to
    - I literally said "Good job, guys" when I saw Flannery's official art :D
    - I find Emma Watson to be a poor actress, but compensating it nicely due to her looks
    - I'm interested in politics but dislike debating over POV's.
    - I love music, many kinds. Anything besides unoriginal pop music and computer generated techno dance crap really
    - I love Metallica, but find Lars Ulrich to be a steaming heap of dung.
    - I have a particular fondness for Britcoms.
    - People see me as a "semi-professional" comedian, but I hate standing up for too long.
    - Ironically, I hate typing long lists.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Quote Originally Posted by Solemn View Post
    Okay... I'll try...
    -I am double-jointed:can bend thumbs backward and fingers forward (you would have to see personally for yourself or I'll post a picture of it)
    -Sometimes, I chew paper, but I don't really like the texture of it.
    -I have a habit of licking spoons after eating icecream, cereal, etc.
    -My hair is black, but in the sunlight, it's brown. I'm not sure anymore.
    -I can't solve a Rubik's cube yet.
    -I can't swim or ride a bike.
    -I am between negative and positive in thinking.
    -I have a low self-esteem.
    -I'm kind of a materialistic person.
    -I think a lot of things are awesome.
    -I can easily be obsessed with something.
    -I don't have a best friend, but just a lot of friends.
    Someone else's turn!!!
    thats like me

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Let's have a go:

    - I have a fear and dislike of the feel/texture of cornflour (cornstarch).
    - My car's name is Squirt.
    - I'm loud, weird and silly but I'm socially awkward.
    - I'm immature but also noticeably mature too. You could say I'm balanced between two extremes.
    - I like writing and recording my own songs but I sadly haven't finished one for a long time.
    - I like solitude because most people only think of themselves BUT I have some great friends.
    - I'm straight but one of my best friends is gay.
    - I'll give any kind of music a chance because I love it so much.
    - I like to write about music too.
    - I have a Diploma in Music Industry (Technical Production), but I would like to study Journalism eventually.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    - I hate the fruit kiwis
    - I hate to eat rubbery stuff, or anything that makes my teeth feel...Rubbery and...Uncomfortable
    - I'm lazy
    -I have black hair
    - I have brown eyes
    - I love photography
    - RPing is one of my few hobbies
    - I love music
    - I don't know why something is so bad, or so good =\
    - E-relationships bother me
    - I can speak more than one language ^-^
    - I'm 17
    - I'm female...
    - Cold, sweet drinks are good for you.
    - I have a range of personality disorders ._.
    - I'm the stupid genius.
    - I cry when I don't get my food, I don't cry when someone dies
    - I have been called heartless and mean and cruel and scary many, many times.
    - ???
    - PROFI-*gets shot*
    KPU GM/ModSteven Stone Lover <3

    ...And so the elegant night vanquished the morning sun...

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    Default Re: facts about you

    -I am 21 years old

    -A lot of people think I look 16/17

    -Due to this, I sometimes forget my own age ["Yeah it's tough being 20." "21?" "..."]

    -My favourite colour is purple, because it is regal. More a dark, rich purple and not some light fuschia/pink or whatever. Blah.

    -My favourite Pokemon is Kecleon. Fight for it's right to party.

    -I love making food, unless it is an obligation in which case I will complain about it the entire time. Favourite foods include tacos, any form of pasta, and making any and all forms of meats into sandwhich form. In the same vein as essentially turning anything into a burger, if I have like wraps/tortilla shells I can put anything in those to be delicious as well. Mmm. Bread-like products.

    -I enjoy intoxicants in moderation. Define moderation >_> <_< Weeeeee

    -I am looking towards going to college for writing; unfortunately I already tried going to University for psychology, then my school went on strike for 3 months and I dropped out and now I owe them $13 grand+, so I'm going for jobs to pay off my debt before I can go anywhere and enjoy myself. Shit sucks.

    -I really enjoy writing about relationships, but probably mostly because I can't help but be utterly overwhelmed by my inability to hold one. This has caused me to be quite pessimistic about them. So I'm single, but I mean, if I had a choice, I probably wouldn't be, ya know?

    -I also enjoy producing, "TMI." Sex is pretty cool.

    -It occurs to me that I play a lot of games, but don't beat a lot of them; my current gaming accomplishment is beating Persona 4 with the super secret awesome ending. Strange things keep me interested; I loved Tales of Vesperia so much that I got 1000/1000 gamerscore for that game [scan all enemies, get all items and titles, SHIT that took a lot of work].

    -Gaming embarassments; never beat Chrono Trigger [overated; it started off cool then just never... did anything different or surprising. Which is crazy cause you travelled to all times and that could have been awesome] and most recently, never beat Spirit Tracks [the boss fight where you're moving up on the train while the asshole shoots electric mice at Zelda frustrated me so much I had to turn off my DS TWICE before I smashed it. Holy ffffff]

    -So while I'm at it, favourite games/series? Pokemon, Rock Band, Tales of Vesperia [really wanna play Abyss, hated Symphonia and it's quest for more money sequel, not a fan of the one that you throw people... I forgot what that one was called], Sonic series [well... minus a few of the more recent yeared ones, but Sonic Unleashed was great, looking forward to 4], Golden Sun

    -I think Jimmy Eat World is my favourite band. I classify my taste of music as, "Ass," because I like what 14 year old girls should like; Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Faber Drive, Hedley etc [ok not really Hedley, I just like the song that starts with, "Got in a street fight," and he goes on for a bit until it goes, "It's all coming up roses," in which it proceeds to suck. ???]. Radiohead is definately overated. Modest Mouse is pretty cool though.

    -My current favourite song, however, is 70 Million by Hold Your Horses. My friend sent this to me. She has great taste in music [as opposed to mine].

    -and the EDIT addition: Jalapenos. Love that shit.
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    Default Re: facts about you

    • I am 25, at least until July 12th.
    • I am only about 3.5 years younger than my sister, but more than 10 years behind my brother.
    • My beloved ladyfriend is 17 years my senior. Her mother is around the same age as mine.
    • This is not a problem, because I tend to think and feel 20 years older, anyway.
    • Although to be fair, especially online, I can act childish if I feel like it, or if I feel like the situation calls for it.
    • Despite the fact that my favorite mythological beast is the Phoenix, I am more aligned to the Dark element, and I just don't like Ho-oh.
    • I am an anti-shipper. If it ain't canon, I don't bother.
    • Despite this, I used to write self-insert fics...way back in the beginning of my internet days, more than a decade ago.
    • My Four Fictional Girls of Awesomeness: Samus Aran, Psylocke, Astronema from Power Rangers in Space, and Sakura Kusagano.
    • Honorable mentions: Sabrina, Cynthia, and Erika.
    • I'm very anti-metagame. Then again, some of you probably already knew that. But I try not to be a dick about, in the hopes that metagamers won't be a dick back.
    • I have never legitimately completed the Pokedex. As of SoulSilver, this seems to continue to be the case, as quite frankly, I'm getting tired of being Professor Oak's puppet.
    • My general disdain for filling out the Pokedex is why I wrote "Secret Ambition".
    • No, I do not have any personal issues with the games that lead to me writing "Legends' Day Off".

    Av via Zurr

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    Default Re: facts about you

    -I'm 19.
    -I have severe OCD&anxiety.
    -I'm pretty tiny. Pretty short & I do NOT gain weight even though I eat the most fatty foods and it's like OMG I NEED WEIGHT BECAUSE I LOOK ANOREXIC BUT I DON'T GAIN JUST LOSE IT'S BAD.

    -I love kitties. And I collect Tinkerbell stuff, IS IT OBVIOUS?
    -I'm a bit of a rebel.
    -I hate being mean. I need to joke around when I'm angry or I sound like a beast!
    -I make people laugh, even when i'm not trying. I'M JUST FUNNY AND MY LAUGH IS LIKE A DYING SEAL/DOLPHIN! I LOVE IT.
    -I work in retail. AND my dream is to become a famous hair stylist.
    -uhm, IDK.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Let's see... Time for more facts about me.

    - My father is German-French, my mother's mom is a Native American, and my grandfather was British-Danish, so that makes me German-French-Native American-British-Danish. :D

    - One of my ancesters was the niece of George Washington.

    - My family's history can be traced back to the French monarchy, such as King Louis XIV, "The Sun King"

    - ... On the downside, the German part of the family COULD be related to Heinrich Himmler. D:

    - I am currently dieting

    - I am OBSESSED with cats.

    - I am, quite obviously, not a tree.

    - I was formerly known as "Aki-chan"

    - Absol is my favorite Pokemon

    - People ALWAYS mistake me for a boy online.

    - I miss the old Cookie Monster. D:

    - I genuinely believe in ghosts, because my grandma and I have seen them.
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    Default Re: facts about you

    ok -

    my dark brown eyes of 15 (almost 16) years are now turning a light brown, closer to yellow
    I love music, but am just starting to play guitar
    I love to read, but hardly ever get around to doing it (usually I read a lot in a short period then stop for a while)
    I'm an aspiring author with a couple of short stories under my belt and am working on a full work
    I really want to play football, but am way too lazy/introverted
    I want to be an NFL head coach
    I often dream of meeting Isaac Brock in a bizarre situation/setting
    I'm an absurdist
    I love lobsters and whales
    that's all I guess..
    "If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed." - Alexander Supertramp

    I tried pretty hard my whole life what I'd call my best...I'm proud that I'm not proud.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    ...Here goes, I guess~

    -I am the youngest of my social circle, but I look older than most of my friends
    -I have a very quick temper
    -I love all things Hello Kitty
    -I am a closet Geography geek
    -I am cross-dominant (left handed for writing, right handed for sports)
    -My favourite foods are meat buns and tortilla de patatas and my favourite drink is bubble tea
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    ~ Formerly known as Kaori ~

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    Default Re: facts about you

    my natural hair colour is actually blonde, but i've been dyeing it for years and years now. right now i've been dyeing it dark dark dark brown.

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