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Thread: Facts about you...

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    Default Re: facts about you

    A few more...

    -Over 1/2 of my friends are younger than me. (Obviously not counting BMGF!)
    -I prefer working alone and not in groups
    -I hate playing soccer. Watching it is fine, but I can't play it. Not easy when it is the most popular sport in your country.
    -I am very emotional and get offended easily
    -I hate racism and will do anything to stop it.
    -I can't talk to any girl I like. I just get picked on for liking her, so I don't have a crush now.
    -I am shy, but I won't shut up when I'm with people I know and trust.
    -I am proud that I bought a $300 laptop (which I'm using now) with my own money.
    -My best friend is my neighbor. We love Pokemon and legos, and we practically live at each other's houses. We made up a silly ship: OmegaShipping. (Arceus and his Rowap berries: he has a huge squeaky toy of one which he throws at intruders. It sent an arqueologist tumbling down the stairway to the hall of origin... and mt. coronet... we make up crazy things :) )

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    Default Re: facts about you

    * While I hate FPS, I own at Halo 2 with a Scorpian
    * I usually watch TV on my computer then th TV
    * I sometimes want to be able to sing
    * I'm very nervious and shy, but when around friends or on the Internet, I'm out going.
    * I'm never on Facebook for more then 10 minutes at a time.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    *I'm an 18 year old struggling college kid in Ohio
    *I am really hungry right now
    *Been in a relationship with my boyfriend of about three years now and still loving every moment of it
    *I'm very ungirly. I dont even think I could put eyeliner and eyeshadow on right.
    *I'm a fangirl of Rareware, Pokemon, Miyazaki, manga, Phoenix Wright, webcomics, Nostalgia Critic, and Harry Potter.
    *Cosplayed Pokemon trainers twice
    *I am a carnivore when it comes to food
    *I love cats and I have two
    *I think summer is the best time of the year
    *I originally started out in forums under the name Kara Kong and still am around on a few things with that name.
    *Oh and my real name is Cara, hence the screen name I just mentioned.
    My Twitter(I talk about games I'm playing and stuff) My Tumblr(I post awesome images I've found)

    Name: Saren
    Friend code:2192 3713 1702

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    Default Re: facts about you

    - I'm 13 years old, will be 14 June 25
    - My real name is Thomas
    - I love to draw, even though I have absolutely no artistic talent
    - I can speak various sentences in various languages.
    - I'm shy and quiet in real life and hate people.
    - I'm very polite unless I get angry.
    - You won't like me when I get angry.
    - I have black hair and brown eyes.
    - Many people confuse me for not being 13, sometimes 14-15. One time 17. o_O
    - I fell in love with a girl over the internet but managed not to make a fool of myself and remember that she's lesbian and only be friends with her.
    - I actually want to meet this girl in real life, due to her revealing several personal things to me. (Her first name, where she lives, and various things about her)
    - I managed to convince her to stand up to some people who picked on her for being lesbian.
    - I like kittens and have one named Myu.
    - I'm usually known as Ugozima or Aiko Heiwa online.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    -I'm left-handed
    -I'm a vegetarian, hoping to be vegan by this summer.
    -My tongue is deformed. The vein that holds your tongue onto the bottom of your mouth is attached to the inside gums of my bottom teeth. xP
    -I've never owned any video game console other than an N64.
    -I thumbs-up every troll comment I get on Youtube.
    -I like video game glitches.
    -I theorize about video games a little too much.
    -Hell, I overthink everything.
    -I become violently sick and vomit uncontrollable if I eat fast food or meat.
    -I surf (poorly :D)
    -I piggyback wifi and am currently using a crappy broadband service as a result of my karma.
    -I have Nago's curse. It will spread through my body. It will cause me great pain, and then it will kill me.
    -I have train tickets. I've been saving them for forty years.
    -I'm going to stop making Miyazaki references now.
    -I know Victoria's Secret.
    -I haven't worn shorts in two and a half years :X
    -I'm claustrophobic.
    -I have a Zora fetish
    -I sleep on a futon.
    -I collect lava lamps. I currently have seven.
    -I'm a Pantheist.
    -I'm allergic to dust.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    -My real name is Nathan
    -I'm 13 years old, and one day younger than Aiko Heiwa
    -Despite living in the Bible Belt, I am a diehard supporter of gay rights
    -I hope to someday become the gay community's champion, or their Martin Luther King if you will.
    -I'm extremely intelligent but easily distracted.
    -I'm bisexual and have crushes on more people than I can count
    -I have trouble thinking of snappy comebacks
    -I am near-sighted (I think it's hereditary) and got a pair of glasses just yesterday.
    -I love King of the Hill
    -I am an atheist
    <insert clever anecdote here>

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    Default Re: facts about you

    —My favorite Pokemon is Lugia
    —I love to make AMVs, and perhaps one day, I'll get paid for editing
    —Current favorite song is Become the Bull by Atreyu
    —I am dying for an external harddrive
    —I'm a vegan lesbian
    More later. xD

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Ah... let’s see.
    - I’m fourteen turning 15 this October.
    - I’m Sri Lankan born, Australian bred.
    - I’m left-handed.
    - My father and older sister passed away when I was young, so I never really met them.
    - I have light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and waist length black hair that’s been slightly bleached to an insanely dark russet brown due to our sun. I might get it cut when I’m older.
    - I stand at almost 160cm last time I checked (so that would be 5’3’’?) and I weight about 46kg.
    - I dance, draw and write fanfics. Sometimes I sing when I’m alone, mainly because I can be immensely shy at times, but also tremendously outgoing during other circumstances. I generally make an arse out of myself or act like a total idiot for the amusement of those around me. I have no shame.
    - I can never get to bed at an appropriate time.
    - I’m not an otaku as I used to be, but I do definitely love anime and manga.
    - I am a coffee and Big Bang Theory whore. Mind you, I’m talking about the sitcom, although I will give my opinions of such theory if my pride permits it.
    - I’m in grade 10, although I take up a bunch of higher grade subjects. I’m planning to take up a university subject next year.
    - My life revolves around sarcasm, my odd mixture of dry and immature humour, and watching too many Abridged series for my own good.
    - I swear I have OCD. I can become heavily and easily obsessed.
    - I am protective of my stationery. Yes, my pens are my babies. 8D
    - My taste of music is very broad.
    - My favourite subject is Chemistry due to the pure fact that I like seeing things go boom. Call me a terrorist or pyromaniac if you will.
    - I may have other boring facts about me, but am too half-arsed to type them until another date.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    More facts about me:
    -My thick, brown hair is now almost up to my ears, due to becoming sick of it and having it cut off.

    -I can't wait for summer and am counting the days till spring.

    -I'm writing a Pokemon fan fic.

    -I consider myself a Pokemon trainer.

    -I will get SS in one week:)
    Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon.
    Can only evolve into one...

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Name: Alicia

    - Very angry when startled while working on something

    - Addictive

    - Kill garchomps for breakfast

    - Is behind you and gonna get you

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    Default Re: facts about you

    ~ The names Ruby
    ~ I'm 19, female.
    ~ I hate scene kids (even though they say I look like one :/)
    ~ Love Tacos (Hispanic lol sterotype)
    ~ Love to draw and Jog and going to concerts!!!
    ~ I like to kiss other girls ;) (Not Lesbian)
    ~ Have a thing for ghosts, and Pokemon :)
    ~ Live an a great rainy state I call home, Washington (not DC!)
    ~ Hawthorne Heights is my fave band, and I suck at Math

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    Default Re: facts about you

    I must be bored. Alright, then..

    - I'm sixteen years old and awesome.
    - I am a snowbaording junkie and just about live on the mountains. This season sucked majorly, mind you.
    - I have developped an addiction to running. Marathons are my lovers, not matter how much I hate them at times.
    - I smoke way too much. It's kind of a drag.
    - I could read and write in French before I could do so in English.. but I could speak English before I could speak French.
    - Being bilingual is such a bitch at times. I get screwed over way too frequently.
    - Hosting the Olympics was awesome, and that is a fact.
    - Dean Winchester is gonna marry me, in case you were wondering.
    - I have definitely scoped out the Supernatural set from time to time. Ohh yeah.
    - Disneyland is THE best place on Earth. I'm going there again next Sunday.
    - My proudest accomplishment was when I wrote out the instuctions to make Kraft Dinner on a math test and got marks for it.
    - I hate math.
    - I am such a pushover.
    - Concerts make me poor.
    - I am not worthy of my guitar. Vintage Strat baby.
    - My snowboard > everything you own. Fact.
    - I'm bringing flannel pyjama bottoms back in style. Get ready.
    - I was thisclose to getting a tattoo on my back that said 'MADE YOU LOOK!', until I realized that I really needed to use the bathroom, and yeah.
    - I have my priorities straight.
    - I have rediscovered my awesome smoothie making abilities. They are being put to good use.
    - I tend to ramble..

    .. so I'll leave it there.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Haha, I love the strange facts people divulge here. :D

    - I'm-a lefty, but I can do everything with my right hand so far.
    - Can't whistle and it kills me.
    - Love freckles and would die to have more.
    - Also love braces (I know they suck, but so cuuuute)
    - Favorite color is cerulean blue
    - On that note, I love crayons and coloring with them. I collect them.
    - I'm still a platinum blonde at age 20. So I guess I'm stuck with it.
    - Play the clarinet and piano.
    - LOVE SPIDERS! <3
    GPX+ 'mons. If you like, feed them whatever your soul desires!

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Lets see...
    -I'm male
    -I'm fourteen
    -I live in England
    -I have one brother,one half brother and two step sisters
    -I own a cat named Pussy Willow
    -I'm strict vegetarian/vegan
    -Brown hair
    -I hate wearing shoes or socks
    -If I do wear socks,they never match
    -My family thinks I'm kinda crazy
    -I'm kinda crazy

    That's all I can think of right now...

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    Default Re: facts about you

    - I am nineteen years old, turning twenty in a little more than a month.
    - I am currently employed at Hot Topic (although I'm on suspension for "disrespecting" my manager)
    - I have six piercings: Right ear lobe is stretched to a double 0 and left is stretched to a 4, Septum, Eyebrow, Tongue and left nostril.
    - My hair is currently purple, black and barely green.
    - I'm 5'1 and weigh 89 lbs
    - I have an amazing boyfriend who I'm in love with him
    - I go to a community college.
    - I'm 75% black, 25% puerto rican
    - I'm a lefty.
    - I'm a vegetarian
    - I drive a green Honda civic
    - I love Nightmare Before Christmas. I collect a lot of stuff.
    - I'm a bass player.
    - I am into the Punk subculture and have been for 5 years (bands I listen to are GBH, A Global Threat, Career Soldiers, The Adicts, Vice Squad, Casualties, Copyright Chaos, Chaos UK)
    - I also like electronic music
    - I'm a huge anime/manga fan
    - Green is my favorite color
    - I play pokemon games religiously
    - My boyfriend made me a pokemon shirt for christmas with Gengar on the front.
    - I bite my nails too much
    - I am terrified of water deeper than 5 feet
    - I can live off of Candy, Sugar, and Soda
    - I enjoy going to the Hookah bar and smoking hookah (flavored tabacco).
    - I despise Naruto.
    - I am pro-choice
    - I enjoy roller skating and baking cakes.
    - Also, my laptop is being held together with duct tape.
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