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    Default Re: facts about you

    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    - islands (especially tiny and/or isolated ones) scare the crap out of me. they're just so...tiny...and surrounded by deep water and all alone and stuff.
    That one made me giggle

    Now I will try:

    -I live in Ontario but dream of moving to BC.
    -I have two kitties named Montgomery and Delilah, and hope for a dog someday. (Belgian Shepherd would be my dream come true)
    -I could not possibly live without tomatoes.
    -I am a recovering Coca-Cola addict. (really)
    -I am terribly afraid of most insects (particularily wasps), but think Beedills are so cute and cuddly.
    -People like touching my hair. I absolutely hate that.
    -I would like to be a comic artist, supposing I had the talents required. Along with photography it is my favourite art form, I admire those who can do either one well.
    -I like having an uncommon name (for around here), but it gets annoying how people always mix it up.
    -I probably don't seem interesting... oh well!

    That's it for tonight.

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    Default Re: facts about you


    -I'm 12
    -I LOVE video games
    -I like making small detailed mini-models with legos, I suck at huge models.
    -I am small for my age, 4'7"
    -IslandWalker was born on an island (Long Island NY)
    -I use my cell phone as an ipod, cell phone, camera, and alarm.
    -I have played over 400 hours on Platinum
    -I look forward to HGSS (getting SS)
    -I have 2 little brothers, one is 10 and here as SteelWing (hardly uses it) and he bothers me to death. My other brother is 1 1/2. He's so cute!
    -Candy > chocolate
    -I like Pokémon in secret, but it's leaking out
    -I love animals
    -I have always wanted a cat or a lizard
    -I have a dog named Hiro
    -I like playing squash
    -I like playing Knockout and shooting baskets, don't like real basketball games however.
    -I always wake up at the same time no matter at what time I went to sleep or if there is school or not.
    -About 60-65% of my friends are younger than me
    -I have slight ADD (not ADHD like my brother)
    -I am very intelligent for my age.
    -Uhhh... I'm gonna take the SAT. At 12. The John Hopkins program for gifted children said that if I got a certain score on the test I would go to a summer course for kids like me. In my study program at school I am with the 11th graders and I answer questions they didn't even get right. O_o
    That's all for now.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    -I have been a Pokemon fan for almost 8 years.
    -I love Ash and Red(special manga).
    -I am a female.
    -I was always somewhere between being a tomboy and a girly girl.
    -I have thick dark brown wavy hair.
    -I have dark brown with purple eyes.
    -I am only 5', so I'm short.
    -I am American.
    -I am terrified of cockroaches. I won't even go near a dead one, and if I see a live one I scream. My fear almost caused me to get seriously hurt once, but it's a long story.
    -I like to write.
    -I love to look up at the stars. When I'm out at night I always stare up at the sky.
    -I'd like to visit another planet, but I would probably be scared to death.
    -My 19th birthday is 2 weeks from today. I feel sort of old.
    -People always tell me I look younger than I am.
    -I do not have many friends.
    -I am shy at times.
    -I have a cat.
    -I love to listen to some J pop and K pop, even though I don't understand a word.
    -My favorite singer is BoA(Beat of Angel)
    -I live for the summer.
    I feel as though I'm forgetting something.
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    I dunno...

    Default Re: facts about you

    I'm 15
    I'm Male
    I'm Blond
    I'm 5'9"
    I love drawing
    I love animals
    I am OCD, all of my books and pencils must be perfectly centered or I cannot concentrate.
    I'm in an advanced math program, even though I hate math.
    I am afraid of insects, and spiders.
    And heights
    I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was 3
    The whole reason I got into drawing was because of Pokemon
    I don't drink pop/soda, or any other carbonated drink
    I am a video game addict
    I don't like first-person shooters (Except Metroid Prime)
    I answer nearly every question I'm asked with either "I dunno" or "Stuff"
    It irks me when people use improper grammar.

    Okay, I'm done for now.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    - I've had my pet cat for nearly sixteen years.
    - I've known my best friend for over fifteen years. <3
    - I went through a gothic phase for around three years.
    - I get hit with a ball in any PE activity except dodgeball.
    - I'm squeamish, but love gory horror films and medical dramas.
    - I never finished primary school and dropped out of secondary.
    - I'm a published author & poet, despite the fact that I loathe reading poetry.
    - I've kept rats since 2004, and find taming/training/handling small animals quite easy.
    - I've been to the top curves in a velodrome but I freak out just cycling down a flat street.
    - Many people are convinced I'm foreign by my accent, despite having never left the UK and only having Scottish/English blood. o_O
    - Once I leave Scotland for university I'm not planning to live here again. But I don't know yet where I'll go. The whole world is open for possibility.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Fere's some more:
    -I never get fat even if I eat a lot.
    -I weigh 69 pounds O_o
    -I hate it when you don't remember the name of a good song
    -I like breaking huge 1000 piece Legos PIECE BY PIECE to build them again
    -The most unusual thing I've ever done is being on my cousin's roof in my pajamas brooming away water to make a house for a cat. He now lives on the roof, and his name is Washo. (Weird, huh?)

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    Default Re: facts about you

    A list about me. I'll try not to go on forever

    - I'm 16
    - I still obsess over anime and cartoons
    - The Legend of Zelda will always be my favourite game series
    - Nintendo will always have my favourite consoles.
    - I think I have an obsession with this =\ (but there's something about pairing rivals together... I don't know what it is)
    - Code Lyoko is what got me into fandoms in the first place.
    - I play guitar, saxophone, clarinet and (if it counts) recorder =D
    - But out of those instruments, the only one I'm any good at is saxophone
    - I am hopeless at all physical activity
    - I spent $60 on a Luigi and a Mario figurine. I am not ashamed.
    - I live for my music.
    - If I could have one of the Pokemon characters for myself, it'd be either Silver or Blue/Gary. <3

    Edit: By the way .vulpixie, I am in love with your dp.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    -I'm gonna be 13 on March 21st.
    -My real name is Amber.
    -I have blue eyes.
    -I love Pokemon, but my friends hate it.
    -I chew on things alot.
    -Sharpies are AWESOME.
    -I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan.
    -I love Ash and Paul *username*
    -I LOVE to draw and I'm really good at it.
    -My older sister is 20 and she's pregnant.
    -I LOVE neon green and other bright greens.
    -I am a complete tomboy. I HATE dresses and pink.
    -I've been in 3 fights. FIST fights.
    -I absolutely HATE school, it's very boring.
    -I've been a Pokemon fan since I was born. No lie. (Any questions, VM me)
    -I really want a hamster, but my mom "doesn't believe in caging animals." Rediculous.
    -I obsess over things too easily.
    -I get angry too easily.

    That's alot.


    Axis Powers: Hetalia<3

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    Default Re: facts about you

    - I am 11 years old
    - i'm female
    - i have a strange hair pigment thing that made my hair green!!!
    - i like to doodle pictures!

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    Default Re: facts about you

    -I have no physical form. I use one of my many human puppets for typing or wire my brain in directly.
    -I have seen real Pokemon before, but the Men in Black tried to make me forget. It worked, but I took pictures with the hidden camera in Puppet #34's pants. Shame I dropped them into a volcano yesterday.
    -I am 84 years old and still kicking- literally. I just kicked over a house today.
    -Everytime I sneeze, a racoon turns purple.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    I'm female
    I had blonde hair but it's now turned brown (damn hormones!)
    I'm pretty good on the piano
    I like really gory horror films
    Favorite music lady Is Regina Spektor
    Favorite lady is my mum
    I drink way too much soda
    I've got low blood pressure/ iron deficiency (see one above)
    I'd take winter over summer any day
    I like stating facts about me

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    Default Re: facts about you

    I'm a major player in the cowboy scene
    I frequently go to the reservation drink and get mean
    I intend to start a war
    "If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed." - Alexander Supertramp

    I tried pretty hard my whole life what I'd call my best...I'm proud that I'm not proud.

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    Default Re: facts about you

    - I'm very empathatic. If my friend is upset I tend to be rather upset myself most of the day.
    - At school I feel lonely easily so I tend to follow my friends around.
    - I will say 'hi' to random stragers yet I'm nervous about approaching groups of two or more and also some people I know aside from my friends.
    - I hate getting wet, unless I'm swimming.
    - I'm double jointed in many places, and frequently bend in abnormal ways without realizing it until someone points it out. According to a previos P.E teacher I have hypermobile joints.
    - Sometimes when I stand up after sitting and stretch in a certain way my head feels a tad weird and some of my vision (sometimes a fair amount) is blocked. This fades fairly quickly.
    - I prefer subbing to dubbing, but I intend to learn Japanese so I won't have to worry about either.
    - I hate math, but I'm a grade ahead in it nonetheless.
    - My school work is filled with doodles of anime/manga eyes, almost all facing the right.

    EDIT: - I have really sharp canine teeth, and they are also a bit longer than my other teeth.

    There's more but, I've got to do something.
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    Default Re: facts about you

    -I hardly ever shampoo my hair. I can't stand the feeling of clean hair. My absolute favorite is if I'm hanging out on the beach for like a week straight without washing my hair. Sand in my scalp? Love it.
    -My friend re-sparked my obsession with pokemon after years of not caring about it by showing me the quiz where you have to guess the original 151 pokemon. I finally got it after about 20 tries.....but now I'm hooked.
    -I haven't been in school since I was 14.
    -I read two books a week but I'm usually with friends and hardly ever home. Ask me how I pull that one off. (I don't know, haha)
    -My hair is light brownish/reddish, but I dye it dark brown because I think my natural hair looks goofy on me since I have a darker complexion than the rest of my family (who are all really pale).
    -I've been vegan since I was in 8th grade. I don't care if other people aren't though. I tried eating meat again last year, and at this point I just genuinely dislike the taste of it. I'd probably eat it if I liked it.
    -I am absolutely petrified of moths and butterflies, and anything else that flutters (like lightning bugs and lady bugs, which I am SLIGHTLY more tolerable of, but not by much...)
    -I actually don't like ice cream. CRAZY, I know. I don't like the texture at all, it makes me gag.
    -My name isn't actually Adelyne, it's just a nickname.
    -I know it's feminine^, but I'm not a girl. Bwahahaha.
    -My favorite colors are warm colors, like red and orange, sometimes yellow (as long as it's really bright yellow and not pale.)
    -My eyes change color....and I'm not sure depending on what. When it's really sunny out, my eyes are really light green, so it's affected by weather, but it's also affected by how I feel because they're really deep green when I'm crying/really sad. They usually look hazel from a distance, but if you look closely they have brown, green, and blue in them. They've been entirely blue at times, and entirely brown at times...not too frequently though.
    -I cut my hair myself, but I'm too terrified to cut anybody else's hair.
    -I'm secretly really introverted, but I interact with people just fine. I'm not socially awkward or anything, I just like to keep to myself.
    -My eye sight is so bad that I can barely read what I'm typing right now. Gotta find my glasses...
    -I'm a sucker for anyone who wears thick rimmed glasses. Maybe that's a little bit narcissistic of me...
    -My favorite band is saves the day.
    -I don't like long hair...on anybody. I think short hair rules a lot.

    I think I'm done...

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    Default Re: facts about you

    Mmmmm let's see...

    -My name is Jonathan Vega and I was born/live in México.
    -I'm 23, people used to say I looked 15-18 until last year when I started going bald.
    -My hair was blonde and curly when I was a baby, now it's black and straught (although it looks brown in the sunlight).
    -Similarly, my eyes used to be green, now they're plain brown.
    -At 5'4'', I'm a dwarf.
    -I was anorexic, now I'm bullimic. But I eat so much I'm still overweight.
    -I'm scared of beautiful woman, I can't touch them.
    -I always talk to myself.
    -I'm very, very, very stubborn. The only way to shut me up is to make me feel boring. Still I' ll bring back the discussion next time I talk to that person.
    -I'm an atheist.
    -I'm meek and modest in terms of ideology, but I'm arrogant and proud to hell in terms of personality (talk about contradictions). That's why everybody hates me.
    -I'm always alone.
    -I have Peter Pan syndrome. Most of my friends are not older than 18.
    -I'm a lawyer.
    -I'm a hardcore gamer for casual games. My sister and I can play a single round of Tetris Attack for over an hour. We're that pro. But I suck at FPS and MMORPG's
    -Pokémon and the Beatles are the love of my life. I'm a George Harrison groupie.
    -I'm right handed; I'm left handed for eating and was for talking on the phone, until my left ear became deaf last year.
    -I'm obsessive.
    -I'm ugly as hell.
    -I'm stupid.
    -I'm a perfeccionist.
    -I'm writing a novel.
    -I hate getting people's attention, but I want to be free so I always do whatever I like and end up being the center of attention due to my excentic tastes and behaviour.
    -I'm in love with my best friend, but she sees me as her brother.
    -I don't like having pets, but I support animal rights.
    -I play the guitar. Poorly.
    -I want to make a stop motion film, with myself being the prontagonist's voice actor.
    -I always mock myself (mainly to prevent others from doing so, but sometimes I actually enjoy the self-deprecating jokes).
    -I'm insecure.
    -I collect headwear and swords.
    -TBH the only things I feel I'm good at is cooking and sculpturing.
    -Once a year, I have a near death experience, be it by accident, disease or my own stupidity.
    -I have sleep problems.
    -I'll die before I get old.

    I think that's enough for now. Let's see if anybody reads this...
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