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Thread: Facts about you...

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I've dyspraxia.
    I like writing.
    I'm learning electric guitar atm.
    I have really low self confidence.
    I've got scoliosis, although I did have surgery to straighten it last September.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I am biodegradable.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I'll try again

    -I had blonde hair as a baby but it turned light brown and eventually dark brown/black
    -I have green/blue/gray central heterochromic eyes
    -I hate swearing around people but swear about every single thing when I'm alone
    -I only have two main classes next year (History and English)
    -I kind of have trouble controlling the volume of my voice. I don't scream when I talk, but I tend to talk loudly if I get excited or something.
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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Might as well let the users here get to know a bit about me, considering I just recently joined.

    -I found Pokemon late, because I didn't see the appeal. I got my first copy of Diamond version (as recommended by a guy who worked in the store) four years ago.

    -Being around other people, even if it's just in a matter of being in a public place, makes me very anxious. Because of this, I prefer to be alone.

    -Virtually all of the music I listen to is metal. I like bands such as Disturbed, August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, and Memphis May Fire.

    -I've been drawing seriously for 5+ years, and intend to (hopefully) post some art here on Bulbagarden soon.

    -I'm a pushover when it comes to animals. I feed and care for four stray cats, two opossums, and at least one skunk. Indoors, I have three felines (one of which is just staying here temporarily) and an Uromastyx.

    -I have a bit of an addiction to IRC. I previously moderated in an official channel associated with a different forum before leaving and starting my own.

    -I quite like piercings, but only have four right now. I have plans for three more, although I want to wait for my newest one to heal completely first. ;3
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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I'm an engineering student who loves to write. I like to think of myself as a Renaissance woman!

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I love to draw and communicate with people :) Also, I am going to study Graphic Arts this Fall :D

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Yet another round cause why not.

    - I like going to the movies alone.
    - I'm taking two astronomy courses next year.
    - I'm the only one in my circle of GoT friends who isn't a Daenerys fan. I have to tread lightly in our discussions about the show, lol.
    - I made my first post in this thread when I was 14. I'm 18 now.
    - I'm an ISFP.
    - I used to be a huge Animorphs fan. (Okay, scratch the "used to.")
    - I'm torn between getting Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire this fall.
    - I've tried to get into competitive Pokémon battling countless times but I still have no idea what I'm doing...
    - I have an irrational hatred for the movie Now You See Me.
    - I'm planning on majoring in English.
    - I had my first and only job tutoring kids in music theory and picking up phone calls for six months at a piano studio.
    - I had two of my wisdom teeth taken out this summer.
    - If I had a pet bird, I'd name it Pericles.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    OK, OK.....here goes. I'll just post a handful.

    1. I have a massive fear of thunderstorms.

    2. I love to draw, but I prefer drawing my own original concepts to actual existing series, like Pokemon. I currently have 128 characters divided into six concepts, all of which I created.

    3. I love whispering scenes in cartoons and animes. I don't even know why, but I often find myself seeking them out. Good thing Pokemon has a good handful. X3

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    - My name's Zahra.
    - I'm 17.
    - I have a younger sister and brother.
    - I'm quite short and skinny, and I have dark brown eyes and black hair. I have freckles.
    - I used to not like how I look, but now I'm happy with how I look on the whole.
    - I'm the only person I know who's not really excited about learning to drive.
    - I'm really shy and when I was little I found it impossible to talk to adults I didn't know.
    - I'm a British-born Bangladeshi and a Muslim.
    - I love clothes and fashion, and I spend a lot of time looking up hijab fashion.
    - I didn't get into Pokémon until I was about 12.
    - My first video game was Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64. The game and system have been in the house almost as long as I've been alive, and they still work.
    - I really hate tea, but I love hot chocolate and coffee.
    - I love Indian food most, but will eat almost anything.
    - I'm usually happy and it's really easy to make me laugh.
    - I'm an ISFJ.
    - I love drawing even though I'm not that great, haha.
    - I'm a calm person and people often say I never get angry or stressed.
    - I'm a chocoholic.
    - I can never bring myself to say a swear word, or even type one online. My friends think I'm weird for that ^^;;
    - I've never had a pet but I'd love to have a cat one day.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    > My name is Louis
    >I can play guitar and bass and I also DJ.
    >I have a massive musical taste with everything from electronic to rap to pop to extreme metal.
    >I am Canadian and yes I do say "eh" a lot and pronounce "about" like "aboot".
    >I adore cats and love them so much!
    >I love horror movies and the feeling of being scared.
    >I am a bit of a noob at anime/manga but I love Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan. Also AKIRA is my favorite movie.
    >My favorite colour is purple.
    >I am double jointed in my right hand.
    >My favorite food in the world is cookies and cream ice cream.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Twisted Roselia reminds me a bit of myself~

    Anyway here's mine.

    - I make cookies and Ice Cream from scratch.
    - I sing every day. I can't live without music!
    - I love cute things. I collect Pokemon plushies c:
    - I've been a Pokemon fanatic almost since I was born.
    - I am either really quiet and calm, or really talkative and hyper.
    - I speak english and dutch, and a tiny bit of Japanese and Spanish.
    - I love drawing, although I'm not very good at it. :c
    - I love making people laugh :)
    - I am fairly good at sports, but don't play very often.
    - I really enjoy Japanese music, and listen to it daily~

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    - I took piano lessons for 10 years, from 2000 to 2010. And learned from 3 teachers. I never practiced as much as I should have.
    - I was on my local Pop Warner american football team in 1999, but quit after the first few days because 'leg lifts' exercises were too much for me. I never tried out for sports again.
    - Cats (all kinds) are my favorite animal. Elephants are second, koalas are third, and chameleons are fourth. But all animals are dear to me.
    - J.R.R. Tolkien is my favorite author and is pretty much the only author I still read for leisure.
    - My parents got divorced when I was 3, and from then until I went to college in 2010 I lived with each of them every other week. We're all still in close contact with each other.
    - I am a fraternal twin. The younger one.
    - Autumn is my favorite season.
    - My favorite type of music is orchestral
    - I don't own a smart phone or a tablet
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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Okay I'll give this a try

    >My name is Austin
    >I have sleep apnea
    >I was adobted but still know my biological Mom and have a relationship with her
    >I don't know who my biological dad is
    >I'm on anti seizure medication
    >I don't like to look at myself in the mirror
    >I am good at drawing
    >I love origami
    >My favorite superhero is Spiderman
    >My favorite videogame character is Sonic The Hedgehog
    >My favorite videogame series/franchise is the Sonic the Hedgehog series
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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -I'm Canadian.
    -I'm a girl who hates beauty and stuff like that.
    -I act older then I should.
    -I have adopted the speech patterns of many people.
    -I seem to be the only one in all my French classes to like French.
    -I like woodwork.
    -I have a paranoia of fire bells after my school burnt down when I was five.
    -I got into Fire Emblem a year ago.
    -I got into Pokemon when I was 8.
    -My favourite video game character is Shadow the Hedgehog.
    -I like Sonic 06.
    -I fail at platforming most of the time.
    -I prefer RPGs to most other types of games.
    -I learn a lot about most games/game series before I even buy them.
    -I love beta elements.
    -My favourite FE character is Hector.
    -My favourite Pokemon is Spheal.
    -I'm friendless (excluding my sister).
    -I have a twin sister.
    -I can twist my arm around as a result of breaking my arm when I was 11/2,2.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I've been an uncle since two years before I was born:

    I have three older siblings (two sisters and a brother), there's a 16 year age gap between me andmy brother (I'm 22, my brother is in his late 30's, my sisters are in their early forties).

    My mum was 21 years old when she had my oldest sister. My oldest sister was 18 when she had her first child. Two years later my mum, aged 42, had me. So I have a niece whose two years older than me. Three years later my sis had her second child, my nephew. They where more like a brother and sister to me growing up because we where all in the same age circle.

    I didn't feel like a proper uncle until my second oldest sis had her (and only) child when I was 15: my niece.

    My oldest sis, in her second marriage, then had two more kids, my niece and nephew.

    Did ya get all that? xD

    Now for the less complicated facts:

    -I'm English
    -I'm openly gay
    -I have mild Asbergers
    -I'm a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan
    --My biggest Sonic-related obsession is the Archie comic series: I have a near complete collection of back-issues (main series and spin-offs)
    -I take two types of medication to deal with OCD and depression.
    -I own quite a few game consoles, including every Sega system that's had a Sonic game on it (Mega Drive with Mega CD and 32X, Master System, Game Gear, Saturn and Dreamcast).
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