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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Some facts about me
    -Im 18 years old
    -My middle name was based on Garfield the cat....so my mom came up with Garth with it.
    -Im a male(you think)
    -Im a open minded person due to the fact that one of my interests is kind of taboo(have a diaper fetish FYI).
    -Im a Asexual
    -I am exactly 5 inches taller then a Charizard.
    -I like to eat carrots and salami like potato chips,they taste so goooooood.
    -Im a amercian but not a fan of it.
    -I went crazy for Pokemon as a kid but Pokemon is now a hobby for me these days since life is more important.
    -I didnt start talking until the second grade because of a speech disability that made my words sound kind of alien.
    -I started to read and talk when I was one year old.
    -I tend to act childish around people sometimes and on the web.
    -I can come up ideas for things like when the handle on your toliet is broken off,use a string and hook it to somthing or somthing new for video games.
    -I just learned how to draw recently.
    -I think on the realist side of things due to having a hard childhood.
    -I love cats but hate dogs
    -I usually can fix and make alot of things like a making a computer desk or putting together a computer.
    -I have never had a cell phone,too expensive and cant work the darn thing.
    -Being poor is crews control for cool.
    -I can change my idenity on a whim if I want to,you can never guess who I am IRL.
    -I don't beleave in family(they betray you and don't respect you) but beleave in friendship

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I decided to do some more. -w-

    - From what I've read about it, I'm very, very sure I have synaesthesia.
    - I do what I call "imagery" practices every morning. If our imagination is meant to weaken as we get older, I want to keep it as fresh as possible, so I practice conjuring up stories/images. I know it sounds weird, but it works!
    - I have three different e-mails. One I use for forums, one for social networking, and one for school.
    - I love love love Tim Burton movies. A lot.
    - I started playing bass guitar about three weeks ago, but so far I only know three riffs. xD
    - I'm medium height, leaning more towards tall, but everyone is catching up now so I suppose I'll just classify it as medium ...
    - I have a 9mm overbite which will take two years of braces and retainers to fix. ._.
    - I'm the absolute double of my mother, like her mini-me. The only difference is our hair colour.
    - I'm the only one with light hair in my family, and the only one with curly hair. ;;
    - I don't have much of a stereotypical Welsh accent. I think it just sounds stereotypically English to people from other countries, actually. :c
    - I live with my parents, my sister, and her fiancé.
    - My bedroom is smaller than the bathroom in my house. All it fits is a bed, a shelf, a small cabinet and a TV which is positioned on the wall. ( My wardrobe is in a separate room! )
    - I don't really have a singular fashion sense. I'll wear pretty much anything, be it hoodies, jeans, dresses, skirts or jumpers. I don't really care much about clothes.
    - I usually remember my dreams to the full extent when I wake up, and I can generally remember them the day after, too.
    - I hate most shades of pink, especially fuchsia.

    That's all for now. ;;

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -I'm something of a connoisseur of so-bad-it's-good media.
    -I'm very thin, even though I'm always eating. I drink a lot of tea.
    -People mistake me for English often. I don't know why.
    -I like to mess with people.
    -I love seals, sea lions and walruses.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -My real name is Anniken, most people call me Annie.
    -I'm 16 years old, my birthday is 30th december, I've always been the youngest and the tallest one of all my friends.
    -I have ADD.
    -I like dogs better than cats, even though I find cats really cute and I have 2 of them.
    -I was in the newspapers when I was 2 years old for being able to read while the other kids didn't even know how to speak.
    -I started learning English when I was 6. (I'm Norwegian for those who didn't know)
    -I've been playing cornet for 8 years, and I still do
    -This is my 50th post!

    That's all I can think of for now, I'm bad at writing stuff about myself.
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