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Thread: Facts about you...

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Guess I'll post a bit more, since the last two posts are (wow) two years old.

    * I'm currently in fourth year in college.
    * I study biology and education. This semester I'm taking almost entirely education courses, including a practice session at a middle school.
    * I'm really short; I barely reach five feet (158 cm).
    * I recently got braces, and it's expected that I'll have these for at least two years.
    * I hate growing my hair unless I had it permed. There were only a few times in my life that I ever tied my hair into a ponytail.
    * I get bored and distracted easily. But once I'm interested in something, it's really difficult to forget or back off. If I can settle on something, more often than not, it'll last for a while.
    * I'm anti-social; I can't remember faces and names well. I prefer having a few friends that I know well and trust.
    * I like planning ahead, though sadly, sometimes I plan good but fail in actually executing them.
    * I can't sleep well, and this leads to badly timed naps. (Bad habit)
    * While I'm generally cool with pressure, for those occasional times that get me genuinely offended, I tend not to forget and forgive easily. It's difficult for me to let go of a grudge if I actually develop one. (Real bad habit.)
    * I hate insects, and can get scared of them easily. I especially hate moths and cicadas.
    * I am afraid of heights.
    * I like eating in general, but when I'm busy, ironically I feel 'too lazy' about eating even if I had skipped a meal or two.
    * I don't watch TV often (since I H.A.T.E. those Korean drama shows), but I have some favorites that I keep up with. Most of them are those programs that focus on a certain category of current events; such as reporting faulty management of restaurants. I guess I enjoy watching and learning criticism. (Which sometimes has my mom worry that I'll become too pessimistic and distrustful in personality)
    * I do like some comedy and casually fun TV shows though.
    * I like watching sports in general; if I'm bored and find a sports match/game while channel surfing, nine out of ten times I'd end up watching it, especially if it's soccer/football or baseball.
    * I enjoy playing games, such as video games (DS and Wii), as well as hidden object games on PC.
    * I enjoy reading, especially mystery and horror, but also nonfiction as well.

    FC: 2294-4703-4926 | 제노바
    Friend Safari Info: Flying (Pidgey, Hoothoot, Fletchfinder)

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -16 years old.
    -I'm a dude.
    -I play 7 instruments (Bass, Piano, Drums, Ukulele, trombone, and a little bit of guitar. I also sing, and i count that as an instrument)
    -I go to church every Sunday, and plan on going on a missions trip to Florida with them this summer (provided I get the money)
    -I'm 6'2" and weigh about 140 pounds. I'm a twig.
    -I do school musicals, and have done so every year since I was 11.
    -I have three sisters, all of which are older than me.
    --One of my sisters is a model.
    --Another sister is a chef.
    --The last sister is a marketing major at college.
    -I write music every now and again.
    -I have a caffeine addiction.
    -I have been described as "The biggest introvert on the planet"
    -I function best in an environment with little structure. (for example I'm better at Jazz than at Classical)
    -I only watch netflix or recorded TV. I rarely, if ever, watch live tv.
    -I would sell my soul to Satan to meet Emma Stone.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    So.. random facts about me

    -I'm turning 14 in April
    -I have exams next week and I should really be studying for literature right now
    -I am passive
    -my sister is aggressive
    -my other sister is passive-aggressive
    -I am more fluent in English than Tagalog
    -one of my dreams are to see snow in real life 'cause it doesn't snow here, tropical climate and all
    -I fall asleep in hospital parking lots
    -my blood cells cannot depend on the weather in photographs
    -my favorite pizza topping is bodies
    -my favorite word is cube because it makes me want to go to the fridge and get an ice cube and put it in my mouth
    -I like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly
    -I'm moving to Tokyo 'cause I'm tired of San Francisco
    -I regarded the world as such a sad sight until I viewed it in black and white
    -Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't wanna live there
    -I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forest
    -Pillars of post-war books supported my frame of mind
    lol I don't think anyone noticed the Adam Young/Owl City references

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sloosie View Post
    -I would sell my soul to Satan to meet Emma Stone.
    Just to meet her? For arguments sake, selling your soul to Satan guarantees you whatever you wish, and let's say it's a legally binding contract, if Satan doesn't deliver what you've wished for, you get your soul back. Why would you only want to meet her, when you could ask for so much more? Ok, ok, it's just a phrase, but a phrase that I'm picking at.

    I'd sell my soul to have sex with Scarlett Johansson for as many times as I wish in my life. As soon as I want her, she appears at my house and knocks, asks for me, then we bang.

    Also more facts!

    - I like tuna, I thought I hated it. Only recently started eating it.
    - I don't like to sleep in complete darkness, I want a little light.
    - I like the sounds of cars in the distance.
    - I am not an alcoholic.
    - My favourite colour is purple.
    - I mostly listen to techno, house and ambient music.
    maglev is invisible

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Quote Originally Posted by PikaTuesday View Post
    lol I don't think anyone noticed the Adam Young/Owl City references
    I did! :D Mainly cause as you know, I'm a big OC but yeah.

    More facts about me to keep the post relevant.

    -I've been getting into Adventure Time more lately. It's a hilarious show.
    - I've been reading the same book, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, for the past 2 years and haven't finished it. Still on like chapter...35? I can't really remember.
    - This is because I never have time to read books, or at least novels. I still love books though.
    - I love manga/graphic novels or full-text books.
    - My favorite Owl City CD is All Things Bright and Beautiful.
    - My favorite Owl City song is The Real World.
    - I tend to stay up late almost every night. As late as 4-7am even past 8am sometimes.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I am 16 years old (high-school student), living in Greece.
    I am watching Pokemon Best Wishes ongoing and YuGiOh Duel Monsters and ZEXAL catch-up both.
    I tried of watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and Naruto once before, but got bored from their very first episode. I have to admit it, I only like the animes of games I have played before.
    I tend to stay up late (though school doesn't help things out).
    My favourite subjects are Maths, Physics, Chemistry
    I speak Greek (native), English (proficient use), Italian (advanced use) and French (intermediate use). I can understand texts in Spanish (but not speak/write myself yet).
    I can only recognize some Japanese kana (hirgana, only some simple ones ) I HATE KATAKANA! (Kurisumasu and Suta doesn't sound like English to me...)
    My original name was dino97, I changed to BlueWartortle later on, as I first joined Fun And Games.

    I am also good at writing essays, but I am not going to show you my lengthy writing talent here (better not get started on why I like Wartortle etc etc ...)

    I got a scum result on that bush! LYNCH IT LYNCH IT LYNCH IT!

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I. Liek. Pie.
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    ~~ℱℴrღαℓℓϒ ℸℎℯ ℸωίℓίℊℎℸ ķηίℊℎℸ~~

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Fact: This is my 2000th post! I thought I'd make it special, so here's some facts about me:

    I'm a dude.
    I'm 19 (soon to be 20).
    I like sports, with some of my favorites being football, baseball, basketball, stock car racing, and golf.
    I watch sports more than play. I have been trying out golf lately (and finding out that I suck at it :P).
    I'm a big fan of many anime/manga series (I think most of you know that already though ).
    I'm also a big sci-fi fan. My favorite sci-fi series are Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek.
    I'm lazy.
    I'm cool.
    I've also finished my 2000 post!

    There you go.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    * I've been on BMGf way too long! And I still only have like 300 posts to show for it.
    * I'm a second-semester senior (if you're from the U.S.A. you would know how bad this is) going into engineering.
    * I never did like Star Wars. Then again, I've only seen Revenge of the Sith, which I've been told was the worst.
    * George Orwell is my favorite author.
    * I bike every day to school; my parents would never pay for gas.
    * I officially endorse the metric system, 24-hour time, the DMY or YMD format of dates, and beginning the week with Monday. No, I don't hate America; I just side with the majority and think that their methods make more sense.
    * My hair looks much, much better when it's wet.
    * And finally, while I'm on the topic of random facts, my friends and I run a "random fact of the day" section on the whiteboard of our calc class.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I'm better at hitting a baseball left handed.
    That's nice.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    * I have composed 6 complete music compositions in my lifetime, plus some unfinished ones.
    * I'm a sports lover, that follows plenty of different sports
    * I like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh equally
    * I've been a martial artist since I was 8.
    * I once was involved in mini-movie video.
    * I enjoy learning about different languages and cultures.
    * Growing up, I used to play recreational sports left-handed and right-handed.
    * I write with both hands
    * I'm a big Horror Movie fan, especially Haunted House movies.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    • Im 22 Years Old
    • I live in New Zealand
    • I work as a Database Server Manger for Telecom
    • I get pad to write this and play Pokemon RP Battles and De-Bug SQL syntax's
    • I type VERY VERY FAST!
    • I love IRC's and Computer Programming forums
    • I have more training in computers then anything else
    • I have a Diploma in Chemical Science
    • I have been using computers since I was 2
    • I have no life at this time
    • I will never touch alcohol -since it causes cancer
    • I do not smoke tobacco
    • I smoke "legal" highs <--Legal, yeah riiiight
    • I have 1743 Pokemon cards, with a rare Mew (the one that has all that old writing on it)
    • I am in no way capable of NU battles
    • I am enjoying writing this BTW
    • I am humble, go happy and kind to people if they are kind to me
    • If I get into trouble I say "My dog ate it" <-- Really I do!
    • I have over 3453 movies that I got from.................
    • I have every single English Pokemon episode on my computer
    • My computer is my life, if I lost it I would have no reason to live
    • I have to spend countless hours DE-bugging SQL
    • If my boss walks in and sees me on a forum, he says "Dale, your STILL on a Pokemon forum?"
    • I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and FRIGGIN LOVE IT!
    • If my code does not execute in the right way, I tell it to get ****** and start smashing the keyboard (JK)
    • If someone tells me I stuffed up I say "Thats a good thing, coz without imperfections nether YOU or I would be here"
    • My favorite plane is the Boeing 747-400 Attachment 86444
    • Easter Egg For YOU!
    • I have never left New Zealand
    • If I can get away if it, I will do it ;) (I wont here though mkay?)
    • I am a very good HTML Guru
    • My favorite food is a Beef and Onion Pizza with a BBQ sauce base and Top
    • I have been told I am a very random person, and have to agree
    • If anyone trolls on my forums I ban them for 5 days
    • I cant stand kids screaming
    • I hate making mistakes
    • I hate being a Newb on games
    • I love YouTube and spend WAY to much time on it.
    • At any given time I have around 23 tabs open in FireFox
    • If I cant get in a movie, I sneek in, coz its easy at the one I go to.
    • I love rooting Android Phones
    • I once cracked a 10 CHAR password in one minite fifty four seconds
    • I have 12 forums of my own, that are busy, that I never use.
    • I am such a funny guy
    • My fingers are sore now
    • If you have me at your house you need to remind me thats it not my house
    • I love jumping on my bed and im 22yo
    • I search day and night for good torre......
    • We are allowed to download pretty much anything we want at work YAY!
    • No one is allowed to come inside my house if they smell.
    • Any person that makes me angry is in for a BIG surprise
    • I adore cute little Minun and Plusle
    • If I want a munch, I eat a mince and cheese pie
    • I am 100% Kiwi Mate!
    • If you ever come to New Zealand tell me
    • I have every single kind of operating system hack tool there is
    • I enjoy using my crap of crap 128MB flash drive from 2001
    • I have a Sony home entertainment system hooked up to my computer so I can watch my Pokemon on my 42" and have incredible sound!
    • Serve and protect the Internet, it's truly our Savoir right now
    • It's my job to make sure that all SQL syntax's are correct before they can go into the web server
    • I love money $$$$$$$$$$$$$
    • I dont drive a car, since cars are killing the planet
    • I try go out of my way to help people
    • I love the song Gangnam Style
    • I can open a new jar of jam easy
    • I go hyper speed on IRC's if you are ever on a IRC I am pretty noticeable
    • I cant stand anyone that uses the <align> tag in HTML
    • If you hack my computer I WILL DESTROY YOU. BEWARE!!
    • Poker is my favored card game
    • I friggin love chocolate
    • If the world was going to end tomorrow, I would try to find the nearest doomsday forum. LOL
    • I still think we are in WWII
    • The Germans
    • I have so much free time on the weekend, I just sleep
    • If I could have ANY Pokemon, I would have Marshtomp
    • Anybody is welcome at our dinner table (Beef stir-fry tonight!)
    • If I cant beat em', I join em'.
    • I have $218 worth of rolling papers
    • If you want to PM me about anything, GO HARD BRO!
    • I dont care about the outside world
    • I cannot connect your call at this time
    • I love playing with my cat
    • If you visit me at work, I will be more then happy to show you our VERY BIG server(s)
    • Attachment 86438 <--My workstation computer, yes the guys say it looks odd......idk
    • I am not allowed to take cameras or my phone into the server room at work
    • I have written about 325 Java Applets, that got deleted when a virus I made was executed on my old Windows 98 Computer. (Going back to like 2000)
    • I have so much more stuff to add:
    • I put this text in red just to make it hard for you to read it.
    • I love having ice cream for breakfast and do it on a regular basis.
    • I weigh 82KG
    • I am 6'8
    • I am a male
    • I love using the Internet to MY advantage and I encourage you to do the same, the Internet was built to SERVE US HUMANS
    • If I appear offline, IM ONLINE!
    • I love MSN
    • Anybody is welcome to open a PM debating thread about Windows XP to me.......
    • I drink way too much coke
    • I have 7 sisters that all live in the US
    • No one at work REALLY likes me coz
    • If I am unable to de-bug my code, I just try again and again and again
    • I have a lot of story's about "how the internet really works" ooooooooo I could freak you out!
    • If I want a new computer component, I buy the crappest ones first then the better ones
    • I only wear white colour shoes
    • I live in Hastings, New Zealand Attachment 86446
    • I hate going on the bus
    • If I am going to eat any kind of onion it will be a red one
    • I know how to peel a potato without a peeler or knife
    • I can cut a hamburger bun in half PERFECTLY
    • If you are still reading this, thank you
    • I have no way of knowing what SQL I will have to de-bug tomorrow
    • I hate my current lifestyle
    • I dislike going out
    • I dont have a girlfriend
    • I have 17 different kinds of monitors at home
    • I am a hoarder with Pokemon Trading Cards
    • I cant stand going out on a Friday night
    • I love a rainy night
    • I love the sound and smell of rain
    • I hate Pikachu haters
    • I love when I can get "free" Wi-Fi from the naubour -hehe
    • Take a little break, more to come!! THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE SONG!

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    |The Dominatrix|

    Un-claimed Pokemon:

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Facts about me (Extended):
    *I use my real name on FB, Twitter and Gmail.
    *I was born in the year of the Rat (looks like I'm a rodent-nerd. Am not I?)
    *I believe more in Chinese Zodiac than in Western Horoscope.
    *I don't like pink colors (too girlish except I'm a white-collar guy)
    *I'm a left-handed at writing and handling spoons/forks/chopsticks (I'M NOT A HASHI-NASHI-ZOKU!!!!!)
    *I'm mostly left-handed except weilding guns or computer mice.
    *I'm ambidextrous at punching objects using fists.
    *I have, almostly, no siblings.
    *I'm a p******al nerd recently.
    *I'm interested in vehicles such as cars and bikes.
    *I'm a "madman scientist" (not true madman scientist, just my thinking)
    *I always playing computers.
    *English language is my cup of tea.
    *I often speak dirty words, but I sometimes censoring them now.
    *I love reading magazines.
    *I always dreamt of Pokémon crossover.
    *I sometimes using Japanese Pokémon names.
    *I'm sometimes obessed with blood types.
    *I like motor racing.
    *I research the Asian and worldwide cultures.
    *I barely watching TVs.
    *My original name was Red Emblem something, but changed several times, then change to my current username (S.S. Shadow Minun). I dislike changing username again.

    That's all

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    ~ My real name isn't Akira Bond.
    ~ I wish it was.
    ~ I will not reveal my true name.
    ~ I am 21 years of age.
    ~ I've been a Pokemon fan most of my life.
    ~I've also been a Nintendo fan most of my life.
    ~ My current three biggest celebrity crushes are - Emma Watson, Lean Meyer-Landrut and Karen Gillan
    ~ Few of the things which I love include harry Potter, Doctor Who, James Bond, Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, anime, Nintendo and of course, Pokemon.
    ~ Doctor Who is something I've recently started to watch (I haven't seen season 7 yet).
    ~ Doctor Who has given me a new appreciation for coats, and they shall be worn whenever possible.
    ~ I grew up with the Harry Potter movies, and didn't read the books until last year. I'm not a reader (which is why it took me so long to read them), However, I loved the books, and will read them again and again, forever.
    ~ I am a Gryffindor.
    ~ My favourite Pokemon are Pikachu, Dragonite and Mew.
    ~ I want to live in a Pokemon world.
    ~ I find foreign women and accents VERY attractive, and specifically find Asian women stunningly attractive.
    ~ Accents are the most attractive feature a woman can possess.
    ~ I believe I am kind.
    ~ I like to believe I am courageous.
    ~ I dislike my appearance.
    ~ I would quite like to see the world.
    ~ I wish I were able to play the Piano.
    ~ I also wish I were able to speak French and Japanese.
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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Facts about me (obvious ones)

    - I don't have an English name.
    - I'm a dude.
    - I'm Chinese.
    - I'm 19 years old.
    - I never had a girlfriend in my lifetime.
    - I still miss my high school crush whom I am too shy to approach.
    - I never have a Nintendo handheld or console in my life.
    - I played Pokemon with PC since the first one.
    - I prefer PC over Mac (no hate).
    - I enjoy rock, metal and jazz.
    - I'm a pianist, classically trained and training jazz.
    - I never learn how to use PS2 and PS3 controllers properly.
    - I'm an introvert, but a bit sassy inside.
    - I have never and will never smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol/beer.
    - I can't stand screaming kids.
    - I am a short person.
    - I speak English with Chinese accent (not that stereotypical Chinese accent).
    - I wish I can play the guitar well.
    - I wish I can sing. And scream.
    - I don't believe in any religion or beliefs. I embrace Buddhism since it is science-friendly.
    - I hate hashtags on Facebook.
    - I am not born in China.
    - I'm short and thin.
    - I can eat as much as possible and still remain the same size and weight.
    - I like Pikachu a lot. And cats. (I'm not one of those obsessed cat lovers)
    - I have a Pikachu doll which I sleep with every night and I'm not ashamed.
    - I wish I have a dog and a cat.
    - My first Pokemon game is Pokemon Red.
    - I loathe genwunners and fierce anti-genwunners.
    - I dislike metal haters and close-minded metalheads.
    - I loathe people who diss my music taste.
    - I like fish.
    - I like all generations in Pokemon.
    - I'm not interested in anime.
    - I'm not interested in modern pop music.
    - I prefer Google Chrome over IE.
    - I like writing.
    - I like Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr. and Jackie Chan.
    - I enjoy Ricky Gervais.
    - lol
    - I'm out of ideas now.
    - I like the GTA series and FPS games.
    - I don't care about COD / BF / Halo haters.
    - I enjoy solitude most of the time.
    - Iron Man is my favourite Marvel character.
    - I still don't get why Batman is so popular.
    - I realize every single fact of mine starts with the letter 'i'.
    - I still don't get why cigarettes are so popular.
    - I wish someone will start a new Pokemon anime series based on the games and me taking part in it.

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