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Thread: Facts about you...

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    My name starts with a T.
    I am a Homosexual and proud of it.
    I am one of the "weirdos" that likes Pokemon & Digimon.
    I collect Pokemon plush.
    I love Phineas And Ferb and have a small collection of merchandise.
    I live about an hour from Walt Disney World.
    I have every single dubbed episode (up to Season 14), movie & special of Pokemon on DVD.
    I collect foreign language Disney soundtracks.
    I am a Grammar Nazi.
    I don't smoke, drink or do drugs and never will.
    I don't have a driver's license.
    I can't drive because of my disability (Asperger's Syndrome)
    I am unemployed, but hoping that changes this year.

    That's it for now.
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    Back into Pokemon and am now more of a fan than ever

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    - I'm younger than I look and act.
    - I have golden hair with specks of red in it and brown eyes that appear black at a glance.
    - I'm 5'5.
    - I have the best boyfriend in the world. <3 ;u;
    - I'm heterosexual but completely support gay rights.
    - I'm not underweight or overweight; I'm inbetween.
    - English isn't my first language.
    - My favourite food is fruit salad and I really dislike pizza.
    - My favourite colours are green, blue, black, cream and red.
    - I'm 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Welsh.
    - I'm a Christian but I don't believe everything in the Bible.
    - My real name is "Molly", but I prefer being called Moll.
    - I despise how I look.

    That's all I can think of. >w<

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    Facts about me:
    *I use my real name on FB, Twitter and Gmail.
    *I was born in the year of the Rat (looks like I'm a rodent-nerd. Am not I?)
    *I believe more in Chinese Zodiac than in Western Horoscope.
    *I don't like pink colors (too girlish except I'm a white-collar guy)
    *I'm a left-handed at writing and handling spoons/forks/chopsticks (I'M NOT A HASHI-NASHI-ZOKU!!!!!)
    *I have, almostly, no siblings.
    *I'm a p******al nerd recently.
    *I'm interested in vehicles such as cars and bikes.
    *I'm a "madman scientist" (not true madman scientist, just my thinking)
    *I always playing computers.
    *English language is my cup of tea.
    *I often speak dirty words, but I sometimes censoring them now.
    *I love reading magazines.
    *I like Vocaloid and Virtuaroid.
    *I always dreamt of a Pokémon crossover.
    *I sometimes using Japanese Pokémon names.
    *I'm sometimes obessed with blood types.
    *I like motor racing.
    *I research the Asian and worldwide cultures.

    That's all

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -I'm 19.
    -I love to cook
    -I love metal.
    -Mitch is just a nickname
    -I'm a bit overweight but apparently look smashing for the weight class I'm in
    -6 feet tall, and hopefully when I shed some pounds I look taller
    -Brown Hair Brown eyes, but in the summer my hair goes from a dark brown to this really awesome chestnut with natural blonde highlights! Faint but oh so awesome...
    -Straight, but I feel everyone has a right to be who they are
    -Even though I'm a metal head, I'll listen to the occasional 80s techno pop beat. Milli Vanilli 4 lyfe
    -Greek Orthodox, but I'm in the position to say that I oppose not the religion, but what it has become thanks to society. I mean, I go to church as much as the next guy, but Church in the states is wholly different from the Church in Greece
    -I am shit out of luck when it comes to girls, but I have missed some amazing opportunities
    -I fully support Socialism, if only because at the moment socialism under a certain part is kind of what the country needs
    -I love fiction. LoTR, Wheel of Time, and GoT are my most knowledgeable works, and I currently am trying to create something myself, with the mythos having Greek based grammar, but with English letters.
    "Funneh bunneh and the dammut Bahamut go on an adventure!"-Chespin Circa 2009

    I sure was funner back then, possibly even stupider....

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    - I enjoy playing with power tools
    - I enjoy driving cars epsecially muscle and tuners
    - My favorite brand of cars are Eagle and Saturn
    - i am part Greek, Italian, German, Polish, Irish, Prussian, and American
    - i am catholic but i follow my own path
    - i have asbergers and ADD
    - i enjoy most of the classic cartoons fron the 1990s and early 2000s
    - I consider myself to be a handsom young man
    - I get called "Pit" because of my greek skin tone because i look just like Pit from Kid Icarus minus the wings
    - I enjoy honking at my friends while driving my Saturn just cause i can.
    - I use to have a crush on T'ea Gardner back when i was a lot younger ( Yea im not too proud of it...)
    - I enjoy making road signs that involve "big Dummys"

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I'm 20
    I'm left-handed
    I have very mild ADHD/ADD
    My younger brother is about eight inches taller than I
    My major is computer engineering
    I'm asexual
    I'm a bit of a tomboy
    I don't wear any makeup, because I believe you shouldn't have to put on a fake face to get attention
    Last year was the first time I wore a bikini top with a skirt bottom as my swimsuit, and I'm still not a fan of showing so much of my naked body because there's more to me than my body.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    To add a few more to my previous list:

    - I'm right-handed.
    - I'm in a lot of fandoms.
    - I'm not really girly /or/ a tomboy, I'm a mix of both, really.
    - I acted and almost believed I was male until about the age of six.
    - I have one big sister in real life, but one internet elder sibling.
    - I suffer from minor panic attacks, I'm bi-polar, and I have social anxiety.
    - My favourite subject in school is English.
    - I play a few sports, netball, rugby and baseball.
    - I'm my school team's captain for netball.
    - I prefer being called a lady to being called a girl, for some reason.
    - I have a phobia of elavators, being forgotten, and sex.
    - I have bad eyesight, okay hearing, and a really, really good sense of smell.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    - I am 23 years old
    - I am 5'5" (168 cm) tall
    - I listen to music for the most part of my time
    - I have an awesome memory, I remember so many things, mainly useless stuff, of course
    - I have a phobia of mirrors
    - I have a phobia of cockroaches
    - I have some mental illness that I'd rather not talk about
    - I love driving
    - I am not afraid of dying, in fact, I want to die before I reach the age of 40
    - I am playing video games since I was five and I can't imagine my life without them
    - I play/watch stuff mostly for escapism
    - Favorite manga is Girl Friends
    - Zodiac sign is Libra
    - Chinese sign is Horse

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    Default Re: Facts about you...


    -I'm 15
    -I'm on the short side, but probably not for long
    -My hair used to be blonde, but it keeps getting darker
    -I'm a diehard Dr Who fan
    -I think with portals
    -I wish I was British
    -My name, despite popular belief, is not Kyle Zephyr
    -However, that will do just fine. I quite like that pseudonym
    -My music preference is way too scattered to have a genre name
    -I'm a sworn pacifist
    -I'm a (nearly) radical liberal living in one of the most conservative places in northern USA.
    -Apparently, I'm extremely intelligent
    -Apparently, I'm very fit and athletic
    -I have mild self-esteem issues
    -My parents are both heterozygous for tongue rolling, because I can't

    Credit to HikaruIzumi for the awesome avatar!

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    I'm short, skinny, weak, naive, easily angered, unremarkable in every way. Oh, and I also never had a single friend. I think "fodder character" phrase fits me to the T. xD

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -LOOOOOOVES turtles
    -4'11 tall now
    -Used to be a huge kid, but now I'm one of the shortest people around. Was 4'11 when I was 9 and haven't grown in 8 years.
    -Scared shit of shots and anything doctor's offic related
    -Favorite type is water
    -Overweight, and with my height I literally look like a troll =P. But hey, I lost 1 kilo so far this year XD
    -Often gets mistaken for other ethnicities, mostly Native American and Hispanic. I'm 100% Korean, though my mom thinks there's some Mongolian blood.
    -Can't stand getting my hands oily/covered in flavor powder, so I usually eat snacks with chopsticks XD
    -Loves bathroom and stupid humor.
    -Can perfectly imitate troll face
    -Likes to cosplay
    -Not the most studious person. Not obsessed with my grades like most of the people in my school.
    -Favorite generation is Johto and Hoenn, hence Johtoenn
    -Dream job would to be a softshell turtle
    -Didn't start talking until 5, even now I'm still a quiet person
    -Has deep voice, often mistaken for a man when talking on the phone
    -Sings in choir at school
    -Compulsive nail biter
    -Loves to sew and crochet
    -Favorite color is brown, cause it's the color of my favorite things
    -favorite things are softshell turtles, chocolate, poop jokes, earth, stuff like that.
    -Knows all the latin names of softshell turtles by heart
    -Often has the self image of mad scientist/daredevil
    -Likes girly things like lolita clothing and pink and lace
    -Still confused about gender identity
    -Definitly knows that I'm gay
    -My name was misprinted as Lugia on my birth certificate, but unfortunatly they fixed it right after making that mistake.....
    That's all I can think of right now
    Amyda Nakornsrithammarajensis

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -I'm in graduate school studying for a Master of Music degree in historical musicology (basically, the music equivalent of art history).
    -I'm a composer, and composition is the subject of my undergraduate degree.
    -I have lived in three different states, all starting with M (Michigan, Maryland and Massachusetts).
    -I speak French and I'm learning German.
    -Despite coming from the Motor City, I don't have a driver's license. Nor do I know how to ride a bike, either.
    -I do, however, know how to swim, and in fact it's my preferred form of exercise.
    -I play the cello and bass and have since I was 10 and 12 respectively.
    -I have mild Aspergers syndrome.
    -I am bisexual and I think it's pretty awesome, though I wish that thing about "twice the chance of a date" was true. (It's not.)
    -I'm agnostic, even though I am a PK (pastor's kid).
    -I freaking love opera.
    -My favorite book is Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut.
    -My favorite movie is Annie Hall. In fact, I'm a huge fan of Woody Allen films in general.
    -My favorite live-action TV series is Mad Men.
    -My favorite anime is the 2003 version of Fullmetal Alchemist.
    -My favorite manga is Maison Ikkoku.
    -My top three favorite bands are The Beatles, Talking Heads and The Velvet Underground. My favorite composer is either Beethoven or Wagner. I vary between being extremely open-minded about music and a total snob.
    -I write professionally for an LGBT news website. But I'm still not getting paid regularly for it. So I'm yet another struggling, forever-broke student.
    -I love watching baseball and my favorite teams are the Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles.
    -I vote straight Democratic ticket and I'm not ashamed of it.
    -I have brown hair with a purplish-pink streak (exact shade varies based on how long ago my dye job was).
    -I'm a Nerdfighter.
    -I'm a super-nerd. I want to be a professor, so I can basically never leave school.
    -I'm addicted to Diet Coke.
    -Favorite Pokemon type is Psychic, closely followed by Water.
    -I've been a Pokemon fan since the late '90s, first game was Yellow Version.
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    Hi, I'm Rose. I love music, alcohol, pointless Internet debates and being a snob about my choices in entertainment. I write a lot. You can read some of my writing at Autostraddle.com, the best site for LBTQ women on the Internet, where I am a staff writer. Or the funhouse that is my tumblr. I also write music sometimes, and post the better fruits of my labors on my SoundCloud.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    -18 years old
    -Brown hair
    -Live in crappy NY
    -Love Anime, animals, and steak
    -In college
    -Fangirls too much
    -Has owned a lot of different species of animals
    -Grew up in Arizona
    -Am a Jew for Jesus
    Quote Originally Posted by the Ruby Circle
    "He's an animal," growled Dimitri. "He has no business being here."
    "Well, I suppose it–" I stopped and reconsidered Dimitri's words. "Do you know him or something?"
    Dimitri eyed me. "Yes. Do you?"
    "Yeah," I said. "He's my uncle. Rand Ivashkov."
    "Oh?" Dimitri's hardened expression didn't change. "He's my father."
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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    About Me:
    • My first name is Daniel
    • I'm very close to the my grandma, her name is Maria
    • My parents are from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
    • I speak English and Spanish, I"m learning Japanese
    • I was born in Anaheim, California
    • I live in the state of Washington, I love it here, I never want to leave
    • I have been to 4 states - Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California
    • I have been to Mexico, but never been outside of North America
    • One of my real life goals is to drive in all 50 US states, and maybe in Mexico too.
    • I love watching football (I really hate the term 'soccer') but I don't play it
    • I have Type 2 Diabetes, and I'm taking meds and insulin for it
    • Its bad for me, I still love candy and diet soda

    Random stuff about me:
    • I am a very patient and calm person, even in very stressful situations I'm always calm and alert
    • I never drink, smoke, or do drugs. I have family members that are alcoholic.
    • I listen to Hard Rock and Metal music
    • I love Cats!! - Cougar is my favorite feline!
    • I also love Mustelids!! (weasels, ferrets, otters, woverines, marters, badgers) Weasel is my favorite mustelid
    • I listen a lot to the National Anthems of the World

    For Pokemon: I have been a fan since it started in 1998 in the USA - I never have liked another show as much as Pokemon
    • My favorite Pokemon are based more on their real-life counterparts as oppose to types, or stats.
    • I don't know how to play the TCG, and don't intent on learning.
    • I want to buy a TCG card of every Pokemon
    • I love Unova
    • My top 5 favorite Pokemon are from Unova, and my least 5 favorite are also from Unova.
    • My entire computer is full of Pokemon items, 90% from Deviant Art - same with my cell phone, and wallet
    • I have a Patrat card on the front of my wallet, and a Watchog on the back
    • Everywhere I go, I must bring a keychain Plush with me
    • I get nightmares if I don't sleep with some sort of Pokemon plush, kind of unusual for me
    • Even though Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon in the anime, its not even in my top 600 favorites.

    My top 50 favorite Pokemon in order - I'm being truthful:
    • Liepard, • Watchog, • Patrat, • Dewott, • Mienfoo, • Mienshao, • Purrloin, • Emolga, • Oshawott, • Samurott, • Servine, • Snivy, • Serperior, • Maractus, • Minccino, • Cinccino, • Pansage, • Pansear, • Panpour, • Simisage, • Simisear, • Simipour, • Reshiram, • Zekrom, • Swanna, • Buizel, • Glameow, • Luxio, • Pachirisu, • Persian, • Zangoose, • Linnone, • Zigzagoon, • Luxray, • Purugly, • Meowth, • Lucario, • Riolu, • Shinx, • Furret, • Chespin, • Kyurem, • Glaceon, • Pignite, • Ratatta, • Druddigon, • Salamence, • Ducklett, • Quilava, • Skitty
    I Fire Foxes & Felines!! - Gym Leader Victorious - 6 Favorite Pokemon:
    Braixen Ninetales Vulpix Zorua Flareon Delphox
    Want to play with Fire - join me! I'm a fire type so I don't worry about getting burned.

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    Default Re: Facts about you...

    - I like art and music and books a lot but who doesn't
    - I don't travel a lot but I would like to someday
    - I have a younger sister who's taller than I am :'(
    - I also have a younger brother who is the best little brother in the world
    - I'm very outgoing around people my age but for some reason I'm extremely shy otherwise
    - This shyness is a problem because I love talking to people
    - I have never set foot inside a Starbucks before
    - Due to my health and diet-controlling mother I'm pretty much not allowed to have any beverages other than water and skim milk
    - I have no idea what to do with my life
    - This fact distresses me a lot
    - I'm 16 and I still don't have a phone oops (I'll probably be getting one soon)
    - Today I played Monopoly (properly) for the first time!

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