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    My biggest pet peeve is when people stand on escalators. They are meant to make walking up stairs faster so I push past people who stand on them.
    Well most people I have ever seen, including me, dont walk up escelators, just stand there.

    Well I have only one pet peeve, on here, more so when HGSS was announced. People critising the games (like someone did, won't say who) before actuall playing the games and knowing how exactly they are. Or people saying no to ideas that could be in game, just because they never were in games, like the Orange Islands for example. Just because something like that was not in games before, there is NO reason they couldn't be now, no matter what people think. But its annoying how saying something like that can end up in arguing because people can't see anything but what they believe to be right. I have my own opinions to things, but I look at both sides to things too and try and understand what everyone says. (Sorry about saying Orange Islands again)

    One more: When your feeling bad and people say to you to "Grow up" or "Stop acting like a baby" when you need support (and its not something silly your upset about)

    When a forum thread gets created based on an existing thread.
    Actually, a bettter one would be when very similar or same type of threads appear by some people not looking through some threads first and finding ones already there about what they want to say. (There is a few about but I can't recall them off my being Kurts balls/Apricorn balls, there has been several similar threads about that)
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