What is wrong with my taste in TV shows?

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Thread: What is wrong with my taste in TV shows?

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    Default What is wrong with my taste in TV shows?

    As i've said many times in the past, i've watohed numerous Tv shows over the years. But, in recent years, whenever i enjoy something about a Tv show, everybody else seems to think it was a shortcoming of the series and/or ruined it as a whole. But when i notice something about a show i don't like and/or wished didn't happen, everyone else seems to think it was good storytelling and made the show better and/or more exciting.

    The things i'm talking about include:

    Character couples breaking up - If enjoyed the couple and they broke up, while i'm lamenting about it, everyone else thinks it was a good move. (e.g. Ben/Julie Breakup)

    Story arcs - If i enjoyed a show's story arc, everyone else tends to rip it a new one. (e.g. Young Justice's story arcs and Teen Titans story arcs)

    When comedy outweighs the action - When i feel like a show puts too much effort in the comedy than it does the action, everyone else thinks that the comedy was the show's best and strongest aspect. (e.g. Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown and American Dragon: Jake Long)

    When a main character is put through too much strife and problems - Whenever i see a main character go through a large amount of trouble in their respective show, i feel an amount of sympathy while everyone else considers it good storytelling and is happy that they happened. (e.g. American Dragon: Jake Long, The Secret Saturdays, Ben 10 franchise, Thundercats 2011, Avatar (Legend of Aang and the Legend of Korra))

    And it's not just TV either, this happens with animated movies too, it makes me wonder if there's something wrong with my taste entertainment.

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    Default Re: What is wrong with my taste in TV shows?

    I'm not a mod or anything, but shouldn't this go under Music, Films, and TV?

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    Default Re: What is wrong with my taste in TV shows?

    @Srebak This would be better suited for a blog.


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