Ultrasabers - Awesome, or meh?

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Thread: Ultrasabers - Awesome, or meh?

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    Default Ultrasabers - Awesome, or meh?

    (My original topic description was going to be 'Ultrasabers -- More like SneakySabers', but I changed my mind at the last minute.)

    So after seeing a lot of videos and hearing some good things by word-of-mouth (type-of-mouth, since it's on the internet, I suppose...), I'm really thinking about ordering a lightsaber from UltraSabers... or at least I was.

    With so many designs and options, it was a little hard to choose exactly what I wanted. A few weeks back, though, they were selling the Dark Catalyst model with sound (which, after looking at some pics of its design, including this one I decided was pretty cool) for $110, which seemed like a good deal. (In the past I've seen lightsaber models online for about that...)

    After clicking on the 'add to cart' option, though, I realized that the item offered for $110 was not $110 at all. In order to get the item described (which is to say a lightsaber with SFX) a person must pay an extra $75 dollars for sound (+$25 more if I want the on-off button to be lit), and a further $23-35 on a li-on battery pack, meaning the actual price of this item is $208-$243

    What The heck?!

    Anyway, if I'm going to spend over 200 bucks on one of these, I want to know whether or not it really is worth it... I've got two of the Master Replica sabers, but the collective opinion of many is that they're garbage compared to an Ultrasabers saber. I understand that the Ultrasabers are sturdy and can handle full-on contact (whereas Master Replicas can't), but I personally don't really have any friends that would even be into this sort of thing, so it's not like I really need that sturdiness, exactly...

    Another thing I noticed is that in many pics/videos of ultrasabers, the color of the blade seems to 'pool' toward the end. Is this just due to the photography, or do they just do that?

    Has anyone here purchased one? What are your experiences like?

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    Default Re: Ultrasabers - Awesome, or meh?

    This thread is more suitable for a blog post than a discussion thread.
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