Survey! (I need Answers for a school project)

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Thread: Survey! (I need Answers for a school project)

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    Smile Survey! (I need Answers for a school project)

    So my teacher had all of us choose an embarressing topic from a hat and collect data and find average ladefrickenda

    I got Body Odor...
    I decided to ask people of the interwebs for data. Seeing as this is the only Fourum im a part of... lets do this

    ill ask questions answer them to the best of you ability. Btw this is for Health Class...

    1. Would you say you have bad Body Odor
    2. At your stinkiest, what would you rate yourself 1-10 1= good 10=bad
    3. At your best?
    4. Do people say you stink?
    5.rate yourself honestly on an average day
    6. How often do you have body odor?
    7. Rate your self if you were to run for half an hour
    8. A full hour?
    9. Use one word to describe your body odor?
    10. Do you think most people have worse body odor?
    11. Tell a story about body odor you've experienced

    Those are the questions! I need at lease 8 pieces of data for each question

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    Default Re: Survey! (I need Answers for a school project)

    This is more suited for the blogs.


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