Stupidest Thing You've Ever Heard?
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    Okay, there have been a multitude of stupid things I've heard. I'm going to pick the first thing that comes to mind, and I'm also going to try to play it up so you can see it like I did. A moment where you need to go have a hot bath, and forget you were the same species as the thing that just said that, because what they just said is going to fester on your mind, because it went into your ear and is yours now to keep.

    Now, don't get me wrong before I say this. I like this girl, in a way. I wouldn't be friends with her but talking to her was nice because she just said some dumb things that made me laugh. They weren't jokes, but they made me laugh sometimes anyways.

    We're talking, for whatever reason, about fashion. Like I bother, but we got on the subject and I don't know how to make decent segways.

    "So, like, your fashion is kind of all over the place. Where do you get inspiration?"

    "My morning coffee and I color coordinate."

    "Well, it's just like, you seem like you're really original." I don't reply to that, because it's stupid. Not the stupidest thing, but stupid, so she waits for almost a minute before she keep going. "Some people are just really good at that, you know. I'm not--I'm terrible at it."


    "Being original."

    And then I needed a hard reboot.

    I've read Owell and Bradbury, Huxley and Twain. I've seen critics of humantity and I love the genius that is 1984. I've seen bandwagons that are so astonishingly stupid that it hurt my brain to be burdened with the knowledge that stupidity exists in this world and is sustained by the same species I belong to, and that it is in the majority in media. But, stupidity can have its own originality that few people credit it for, so I don't accept that you can't be original.

    You can't be completely original, I understand that. However, if you have thoughts all by yourself then give yourself a nice pat on the back. Maybe play a fine tune on your kazoo, you're original. You're slightly unique in genetic composition in the very least.

    So, anyone else have something like that happen to them that they just have to rant about? (Or maybe just post for the line, I'm sure it'll speak for itself.)
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