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Thread: So, I was just thinking...?

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    Default So, I was just thinking...?

    If nature always take a path which prevents a paradox... then essentially time flow has to be a consistent loop; but then, why don't we notice it. Could it be that it happens over such a vast amount of time that we don't remember...?

    I was thinking of a scenario based on the idea of the Arrow Of Time, which says that as time goes on, things go from orderly to disorderly. This supports the expansion of space and the Big Bang Theory pretty well, but people always question the big bang theory...

    So basically, eventually all the galaxy's will spread a part, and without any gasses nearby, everything will cool out and chill, thrusting space into deep freeze. But, Cold things contract and pack together. So everything would come back together into a single unit... and it would compact itself so tightly, that the pressure would heat up and ignite all those gasses and thrust everything out again...? Did I win the game yet?

    Sorry, I don't yet have the proper team assembled, so my friend code will not be released until I get far enough in the game.

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    i'm not sure if you won the game, but i just lost the game ):

    while i'm no expert of physics or astronomy or whatever other category of science this would fit under, but the galaxy has had a pretty good way of keeping itself together *knocks on wood* so if your theory of constant expansion and contraction were correct, i don't think i would be TOO surprised...
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