Puppy rides, held in the wheel of an automobile

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Thread: Puppy rides, held in the wheel of an automobile

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    Default Puppy rides, held in the wheel of an automobile

    What are the chances that two stories should break in exactly the same week about cute creatures that were held in vehicles taking unexpected trips? It occurred last week. In the second of the two, Pepe, a two-month-old pup, was trapped in a car's wheel well when it traveled 10 miles. Do not worry. He was not hurt, just scared. How often have you sought more info concerning a new or used motor vehicle and turned to an online search on “finance auto loan?” Look no further, whatever you need is at CarDealExpert.com! Wish to know more about Car Deal Expert? cardealexpert.com/auto-loans.

    Puppy took a snooze in wheel

    Christina Ferrara did not know that a pup had decided to take a nap in her automobile when she left for work like normal. She was going 60 miles per hour down the Interstate 5 in California where the pup was probably scared to death. Apparently that was not the best place to sleep.

    Pepe, the small puppy, was sleeping in the rear wheel well on the driver’s side when all of this started to happen.

    "I left the house and I thought that my husband had the puppy," said Ferrara.

    Upset when locating the puppy

    Ferrara only drove about ten miles before she parked and found the dog’s tail sticking out.

    "I got out and I looked under the car and I saw his tail," Ferrara said. "And I was so scared to try and do anything myself."

    Ferrara was not delighted.

    "I just didn't know if he was alive or dead and I just needed someone else's help," she said.

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    Getting him out of there

    The Country Club Service Station technicians, such as Xavier Hernandez, came to help with the situation.

    "A bunch of us got together and braced up the car and pulled the wheel," said Hernandez. "We kind of managed to work him out, you know, his legs were stuck in there somehow."

    Puppy unharmed though scared

    Though Pepe was just a little bit scared, he was found to be very secure.

    "He was just scared. He was a scared little puppy," Hernandez said.

    "I'm just happy that he's okay," Ferrara said, as she hugged the little guy.

    Story broke on movie

    The story was broken by KCRA Television News in Sacramento, Calif. The recording below comes from the website of CNN. The love Ferrara has for the little guy is apparent on the video. And who can blame her? Pepe the puppy is pretty hard to resist.

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    Video: 'Puppy rides 10 miles stuck in wheel well'
    LATEST NEWS : Puppy rides 10 miles stuck in wheel well - YouTube

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    Default Re: Puppy rides, held in the wheel of an automobile

    I think this is best suited as a blog post.
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