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    Default Passing Road Test in Ontario, Canada

    Well I am trying to pass my G test in Ontario, Canada. But I am having a difficult time doing it. I failed my G test yesterday and that made me feel pretty awful. I tried m best and the examiner still failed me. My license is expiring in June 2, 2012. I need to pass this test fast. But seriously anyone have tips? Like what's the best driving center to go to for your test.

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    Relax! That's the first thing. I'm from BC, and I failed my road test twice from auto-fails, but got my license on the 3rd try, so I know how you feel. If your license expires, (if it works the same there as it does here) you just have to retake the written test. It's best to take the RT somewhere you're familiar with, but otherwise, just be cautious, and watch the signs. But I failed my first two tests in a hilly, busy area, and passed in a area where you pretty much drive 30km/h the whole time cos of all the playground/school zones.

    Just curious, how did you fail? My first two fails were 1. Stopped before hitting a guy who ran across the crosswalk, and 2. Unsafe lane change >.> Just don't be too down on it, and the more you drive -safely- beforehand, the better.
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    Default Re: Passing Road Test in Ontario, Canada

    Hey there,

    Two things. First off, if you aren't prepared to pass the G test, that's okay. I'm in the same boat--er, car. I don't have enough highway experience to do the G test, but my licence is about to expire. In Ontario, you can retake the G2 test to preserve your G2 standing when your licence expires.

    Second, avoid Metro-Toronto like the plague when it comes to the road test. Merging onto an eight-lane highway sucks. A friend of mine is from Vaughan but attended university in Ottawa. He failed in Toronto but passed with ease in the smaller city.
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