(Not) friendly customer service.
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Thread: (Not) friendly customer service.

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    Default (Not) friendly customer service.

    Have you ever been at a store or on the phone and have been helped by the so called "friendly" customer service that are not as helpful as they claim? Share you encounters with these people with more people!

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    Default Re: (Not) friendly customer service.

    Happens a lot with counseling via phone calls. I once tried to buy a smart phone via internet. I did receive it - payment was to be made after my final decision - but chose to return it after I found using the device uncomfortable. But even after returning it, I kept receiving messages that the cell phone service for a smart phone 'opened'. I called the office in charge of selling the smart phones, but two times they said that they couldn't find the records and that they'd call me soon. But in the end, I had to call them because even after three hours, they didn't call.
    Considering that I had to make five phone calls just to place an order to return the smart phone, it's no wonder my mobile phone bill last month was slightly higher than the usual. >_<

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    Default Re: (Not) friendly customer service.

    Itunes. My account got suspended for some reason. (Idk why, I didn't jailbreak my ipod, and all my music is legal.) Apple doesn't even have phone suport for itunes. Apple, I am dissapoint.
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    Default Re: (Not) friendly customer service.

    One time a bookstore, I went to buy a book and the cashier acted like I was the last person she wanted to ring up, she was quite obviously in a bad mood and wasnt very friendly to me, she spoke to me in kind of an annoyed tone of voice, it made me a bit uncomfortable.
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