**this was posted after midnight for me, so day 2 will be posted on the same day technally**
i moved to a new home recently, and i love it! my last home gave me a terrified feeling, i felt like i always was being watched..at night, at least. recently, i've learned how to do something strange, if i stay in my new home for a while, i'll learn about how many ghosts are living here, it happened very early in my last house, as i had a strong conection with the spirits there, there were 2, one was a old man who was purple, he looked like he was trying to walk to the window in the kitchen (the room he appeared in)i have only seen him twice, he was clearly a harmless spirit, the other one was a girl (i think) who i felt she was always out to get me, even though she never did anything bad, i never even had a nightmare in that house. when i was going upstairs at night, i felt like something was telling me "run" run from what?? that house was also very close to a graveyard, too. go around the block and poof! there it was, you could never miss it. the ghosts here, in my new home, seem completly peaceful, kinda like they're watching out for me! (OH GOSH I HOPE I DIDN'T JINX THAT)

Keep in mind, ALL oh this is true, so don't go like "OMG U LIEER!"

EDIT: i just remembered i was supposed to have a twin. SUPPOSED. i don't have a twin, i was SUPPOSED to though.