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    I really don't listen to much music, especially not this stuff, but I heard this song once somewhere and then I found a link to that YouTube video posted somewhere on Facebook.
    At the time I honestly had no idea what most of the real words were (well, some I could understand, but I definitely heard "gnu" and "Lorraine").

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    A classic one is when you speak another language and something in english sounds like something totally different in that language.

    For example, the chorus of Killing in the name (rage against the machine):
    And now you do what they told ya
    in Spanish sounds a lot like
    La guatona tetona
    that means something like "the busty fat woman"

    Another example is We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister), misheard as Huevos con aceite (Eggs with oil)

    Also, for about ten years, I thought Go West (Pet Shop Boys) was Gold West

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