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    Hi there guys,

    I've got a question, but please let me explain the reason for it first: I'm René, a 21 year old law student from Holland. In Holland, there is a competition from Nintendo called the "Luigi Snorrenwedstrijd" (Luigi's mustache competition) in which you can take part with a picture, and then get votes. The winner will win a Wii U system. My girlfriend takes part in the competition because I gave her the advise to do it. Why I gave her the advise? She really wants a Wii U, but both of us are students and don't generate that many income (Studying is expensive ._.). Currently she is first, but an other competitor is getting very close. I really want to advertise for her, so she can win the Wii U. Not that things like a computer can make a person happy, but it are the little things in life that you can do for eachother that makes life a lot more merrier.

    Hopefully you guys want to help me out and vote, or maybe even ask friends to vote too. I would truly appreciate it. If it was for me, I wouldn't ask, but since I'm doing it for someone else I think it's of high importance to me.

    The URL of the site is: Het jaar van Luigi

    The photo of my girlfriend, Rosalie Ruigrok, would appear directly. The only thing needed is to press "STEM" (Vote). No registration or whatsoever is required to vote.

    You would truly help me out with this.

    Thanks in advance for everything!



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    Default Re: Luigi's Mustache Competition: A personal request...

    This kind of thread is best suited as blog, this isn't a discussion.


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