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    The doctors still haven't figured out what's wrong with me. Obviously, if your body is not behaving normally, then something is wrong. I'm a bit of a mystery diagnosis :P My rheumatologist decided to go with "fibromyalgia", but I disagree. I mean, it seems very likely I have fibromyalgia since my muscles are tender and prone to soreness, but I don't think it's the only thing present. I think I've inherited a lot of bad genes, since my mother has quite a few illnesses (RA, SLE, etc., etc., etc.).

    I've been tested for Lupus twice, and both times it came back differently. The first time it was borderline, the second time it was normal. Now my dermatologist is having me tested again. I'm eager to see the results this time around.

    I've had a myriad of different symptoms, I can safely say I've had pains in places you didn't even think of xD I'm like a rainbow, with everything that I've experienced.

    Aside from that, I also have scoliosis, a yet to be tested nodule in my thyroid, a small mysterious lump on my head and my eye doctor is highly suspicious of glaucoma .-. He said my optic nerves are not normal. I have to go have a special laser procedure done on my eyes, as that's the only thing they can do. Not looking forward to it.

    Oh, yeah, don't forget ADHD. Never forget it. The bane of my existence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farewell, friend View Post
    Oh, yeah, don't forget ADHD. Never forget it. The bane of my existence.
    Same here. I didn't use to have it though. I abused ADD meds for a while back in high school. After I quit, my attention span has been shot ever since.

    Otherwise, I'm healthy as a horse. Despite my excessive fried food intake (I love my deep fryer! You havn't lived til you've had fries fried in lard.) and plenty of bacon every day, I'm still the mark for good health. Old people assure me that it's "Coz I'm young."
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    As of lately, I've been trying to lose some weight (for health reasons of course). I've lost 6-7 pounds in a month. I wonder if I'm losing weight too fast or not fast enough?

    Since I've pretty much stopped eating out, when I do eat something fast food, I tend to get sick. Feels like I have the stomach flu. Nausea, diarrhea, and sometimes vomiting. Is it normal to do this or should I go see a doctor? I've done things like this before, but the symptoms disappeared the next day. I haven't had a spell like this in a while either. Maybe my body isn't used to the greasiness of fast food and it's making me sick? I'm not too sure, but some advice or insight would be helpful. :)

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    Most doctors recommend no more than 1-2 pounds per week for healthy dieting (exceptions being relatively rare). I'm not on a diet, but I experience the same things that you do. I don't go and eat out hardly at all, and usually make dinner from scratch. Eating out leaves a nasty taste of grease in my mouth and sometimes upsets my stomach (especially McDonald's fries for some reason). If these symptoms are occurring for a couple of days after eating, then I'd see a doctor to make sure everything was still okay. Diarrhea and vomiting can cause dehydration if not monitored. Most likely, you have little to worry over. :)

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