Journey to Florida. Need some tips, please

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Thread: Journey to Florida. Need some tips, please

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    Default Journey to Florida. Need some tips, please

    I'm flying to Florida very soon and so I'd like to ask you guys (preferably those living in the Sunshine State) for some advice and suggestions what to see.

    Is there something I absolutely have to visit and mustn't miss under any circumstances?
    Do you you have some insider tips so I can make the most of my journey?

    My travel plan so far includes: One week in Miami, Orlando (but which parks are suitable for adults?), Cape Canaveral, Everglades, Key West

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Journey to Florida. Need some tips, please

    Concerning the parks in Orlando, I wouldn't say any of them aren't suitable for adults. They can still be fun even if you're not a kid. Though with it being the summer, I'm sure no matter where you go the crowds will be awful. I'm partial to SeaWorld just because I used to be affiliated with Busch Gardens, and still have friends working at that family of parks. If you do end up going to SeaWorld, I'd recommend Blue Horizons because I absolutely love the music of that show, and Sea Lions Tonight, which is pretty hilarious. My friend at SeaWorld has told me their relatively new orca show, One Ocean, is rather preachy.

    Wherever you end up, be careful with the weather, I've been hearing it's not too great down there right about now.

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    Default Re: Journey to Florida. Need some tips, please

    @Queen Cynthia; this is more suited for blogs, so I'm going to close this. ^^;; Though I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida. :)


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