Okay, so this is sort of a game, and it sorta isn't. There's a meme on Deviant Art that has 10 empty boxes and a question above them asking "Can you guess my favorite characters?"

The basic idea is to stick pictures of ten of your favorite fictional characters and see if anyone knows who they are. They can be any kind of pictures really. Fan art, official art, screenshots, whichever. You don't even have to use this specific meme if you don't want to. You can use a different one, if you'd like, or even just give us straight off images. Any characters can be picked, as long as they're fictional.

There aren't really any rules aside from the forum rules, so just pick a meme someone puts here and try your best to name each character! You can comment on people's choices as well, but this is the Outside the Box section, so any actual discussion that may develop should be brought to VMs, PMs, or a more fitting thread. Oh, and if you'd like to post your answers, put them in spoiler tags.

To start off, here's my meme! :D (Oh, and if you can, use English names. I don't know many character names outside of that language)

As a bonus challenge, if any of the characters shown here has a known nickname/last name/whatever, try giving me their full names! ;D

And in case anyone wants to use the blank meme I used, it's right here.