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    Cool Good News...and Bad News

    Okay, I think this is where this thread goes, if not, please kindly move it to the correct forum for me, thanks :)

    Anyway, I'll start with the good news :3 Next week on the 24th is my second wedding anniversary, yay!!! It's been a really rough two years, but we've managed to not hate each other yet ^_^; Right before the wedding, my husband lost his job and we couldn't get any unemployment money. It wasn't until almost a year later he was finally hired as a cashier at Wal Mart. He worked there for almost a year, but then he got fired for no reason. We still can't get unemployment money either. So my husband has now been without a job for a few months. We had to move out of our apartment because we no longer had enough money to live there anymore. In March, we moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Knoxville, Tennessee. We now live next to his parents house. His grandmother passed away about two years ago and left her house in the will. So my husband's parents are allowing us to live there for free, at least until we can afford to pay bills and such. His parents and my parents have been having to pay for our bills, which is really hard for us because we would like to pay for our bills ourselves. We're on food stamps; we get around $360 per month for groceries. We also rescued a cat a year ago. He had been abandoned; we don't know how long he had been on his own, but we knew he wasn't completely feral because even though he was really skittish, when he heard us open up treats he came running to us. Apparently when his previous owners moved away, they left their cat behind. We also believe he may have been abused by a guy because he's especially skittish around men. A lot of people at the apartment complex (it wasn't at our apartment complex) were upset that this cat would roam around and at night would sleep outside their door. The people who worked at the apartment complex said they were going to call the pound to pick him up the next day, so we took him in with us. A lot of people (family and most friends) were telling us to not keep the cat because we hardly had any money from what Wal Mart paid my husband with, but we couldn't bare the thought of him going to the pound. Since he's an adult cat, he'd most likely be put down because most people adopt kittens and puppies, not fully grown adult cats and dogs. We took him to the vet that very same day and made sure he got his shots and was checked up for any diseases he may have had, and he had a clean check up bill. Eventually, our family and friends warmed up to our cat. His name is Shiro, he's a beautiful all white cat with bright green eyes. He's a Turkish Angora mix. He's a very happy cat now and is just like a child to us, which is really great because I don't think we'll ever be able to have children.

    Okay, now for the bad news...apparently I have a deviated septum in my nose, which is supposedly a birth defect. I can't breathe through one of my nostrils, and the nostril that I can breathe through it's really difficult to breathe through it. So next week on the 26th, I have to get surgery on it. I won't notice any difference after the surgery for several weeks, and even though the doctor says it won't be too painful, people I know who have had this surgery have told me it really is quite painful, and I really can't tolerate any pain at all. So I'm nervous about the surgery, but am looking forward to when I can finally breathe a lot better.

    Here's a picture of Shiro btw :)

    Oh yea, there is also some more good news I completely forgot about ^_^; This year is my first time trying my hand at gardening. I'm growing a variety of tomatoes, peppers (including a jalapeno plant), and sunflowers. I've got one tomato plant that has a tomato growing on it. We've hardly had any rain though this year, and it's been extremely hot, humid, and dry. A few of my plants have even been coming out of the ground by their roots because it's so dry. Well, the last couple of days it has been raining and when I checked on my plants yesterday, they looked more green and the tomato that's been growing is even starting to change it's color (from green to a yellow tint - not all tomatoes are red apparently)! So that's pretty exciting too ~^^~

    Thanks for listening :D
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    I liked reading that :)

    I'd like to try my hand at gardening in the future, grow some tomatoes, carrots, potatoes. My grandad used to do that when I was a kid, always the best vegetables I ever had. It's really nice that you took the cat in, I couldn't turn a cat away either, that would break my heart. I figure I'll have a cat when I have my own place.

    Hope the surgery is a complete success :)

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    Default Re: Good News...and Bad News

    @toodlesdoodles This is better suited for a blog. ^^


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