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    The belief in life underground stems back to the dawn of recorded human civilisation. Virtually every ancient human civilisation has had its own particular version of this extremely broad belief. As a matter of fact, underground life has already been confirmed to a certain extent. It is a fact that there are many ancient subterranean cities that have been found. For example, in 1909, the Arizona Gazette reported that G. E. Kincaid discovered a colossal subterranean city near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The city was large enough to contain approximately 50,000 people and many mummies were excavated at the site. The bodies were of either Egyptian or Oriental origin, according to Professor S. A. Gordon, who led the expedition. Many artifacts were found, such as copper implements that were as hard as steel. In 1933, G. Warren Shufelt, a mining engineer, claimed to have found a complex tunnel system underneath the city of Los Angeles. More than 30 vast tunnel systems have been found in Derinkuya in Turkey. At the Hal Saflini catacombs in Malta, numerous reports of humanoid sightings have been documented. At those catacombs, in the 1930s, a group of school children and their guide simply disappeared while touring the tunnels. The government supposedly operate the Dulce Base, in New Mexico, which is reportedly seven layers deep in the ground. All of these underground cities and tunnel systems have a firm basis in reality. Ancient myths of underground civilisations are as diverse as they are widespread.

    The Hopi Indians have a myth of an enormous tunnel system under the city of Los Angeles. According to the myth, a race of lizard people occupied the tunnel some 5,000 years ago. The Hopi Indians claim to have originated from Sipipuni, a city underneath Earth's outer surface. The Hopi legend goes on to claim that they were fed and clothed by the 'ant people' of Inner Earth, which they now associate with the typical 'greys' of modern alien abduction lore. Legends of underground races can be traced back to the ancient civilisations of India, China, North America, Europe, South America, Tibet, Japan, Egypt, Australia etc.

    This makes me intensely ponder the possibility of an abundance of lifeforms flourishing within our planet. Is it really so very, very unlikely? One should never underestimate the power of military secrecy. Consider that to this very day, the deepest drilled hole in known human history only extends a mere 7.6 miles down. Yet we know for certain that there are layers of our planet which go down FAR, FAR deeper than that! Nevertheless, our confirmed visual knowledge of Earth only extends that far. The fact here is that the scientific information we currently have about Earth's internal structure is WOEFULLY incomplete.

    Occasionally, even in these modern times and climes, people report sightings of strange and wonderful creatures. Many (if not most) of these people are mentally sound. Furthermore, these sightings are uncommon and, generally due to the nature of these sightings, the only type of evidence which can be used to support them is anecdotal evidence. However, anecdotal evidence is flimsy even at the very best of times.
    Could it be that the reason why these creatures are so elusive is simply because their NATURAL habitat is NOT here on Earth's outer surface?

    Perhaps these creatures (dragons, chupacabras, yetis etc.) are actually species native to an ecosystem existing inside Earth?
    However, despite their natural habitat being inside Earth, they could hypothetically wander beyond their natural habitat through accessing certain entrances (both natural and artificial) scattered across this planet. Some Hollow Earthers believe that woolly mammoths still exist under our planet's outer surface and that is why so many fresh woolly mammoth carcasses can still be found in the Arctic Circle. In fact, the farther north one penetrates, in greater abundance are found vestiges of elephants, tortoises, crocodiles and other mammals and reptiles of a tropical climate. Along the borders of Siberia, the carcasses of tropical animals are so commonly discovered as to constitute a considerable source of commerce. This is truly an enigma.

    One specific type of natural entrance I have in mind are geological fault lines in Earth's crust. There appears to be some kind of a connection between sightings of strange and/or extinct creatures, mysterious lights and faults in the crust of Earth. It's almost as if these faults are the dividing lines which separate our world from another world which exists deep below our feet. Do some Inner Earth creatures inadvertently stray from their natural habitat, access a crack in our planet's crust and find themselves here on Outer Earth? Loch Ness is on the geological crack across Scotland and the 'monster' of Bolinas Swamp in California inhabits the fault line running north from San Francisco - a territory also associated with the hairy Bigfoot. Paul Devereux and others have pointed out the connection between UFO sightings and areas of geological faults. I personally find significance in this clustering of creatures around clefts and caverns - traditional gates to the underworld. Perhaps 'they' are indeed passing in and out.

    If we suppose, as many have before us, that there is life in a subterranean world which occasionally interpenetrates with our own, then many of the strange phenomena which we have encountered throughout recorded human history suddenly starts to seem much more reasonable.

    Anyway, here are some of the organisms that I think might exist within our supposedly hollow Earth:

    * Abominable Snowmen/Snowpeople
    * Almas
    * Ant People
    * Atmospheric Beasts
    * Bigfoot
    * Bunyips
    * Centaurs
    * Chimeras
    * Chupacabras
    * Dinosaurs
    * Dover Demons
    * Dragons
    * Dryads
    * Dwarves
    * Elementium Beastia
    * Elves
    * Fairies
    * Flying Fishes
    * Gargoyles
    * Garudas
    * Genies
    * Giant People
    * Gnomes
    * Goat People
    * Goblins
    * Golems
    * Gremlins
    * Griffins
    * Hibagon
    * Hydras
    * Iliamna Lake Monsters
    * Incubi
    * Jersey Devils
    * Kappa
    * Kitsune
    * Kraken
    * Lizard People
    * Little People
    * Loch Ness Monsters
    * Mega Fauna
    * Mega Flora
    * Merpeople
    * Minotaurs
    * Mokele Mbembe
    * Mongolian Deathworms
    * Moth Men/Moth People
    * Nagas
    * Nommos
    * Ogopogo
    * Phantom Cats
    * Phoenixes
    * Piasa Birds
    * Queensland Tigers
    * Reptoids
    * Road Trolls
    * Roc
    * Salamanders (fire elementals)
    * Sasquatches
    * Satyrs
    * Sirens
    * Sky Serpents
    * Space Serpents
    * Sphinxes
    * Succubi
    * Sylphs
    * Tatzelwurms
    * Tengu
    * Thunderbirds
    * Timingilas
    * Trolls
    * Undines
    * Unicorns
    * Vampires
    * Wendigos
    * Werewolves
    * Yetis
    * Zeta Reticulans

    Feel free to add more organisms to this list.

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    Living underground for an organism is much harder than living on land or living in the ocean. Incredible pressure and near-constant movement of the Earth (Mantle and the cores), make it a hospitable environment.
    Seeing how in the deepest tunnel we've found (still quite remarkable) a one-species ecosystem populated by a single species of bacteria.( The chances of finding anything much bigger is nil unless it's in the deep ocean.

    And the thinness of the crust (compared to the mantle and core), it is highly unlikely that there's an ecosystem there beyond simple organisms and microorganisms. Much less mythical creatures.


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