Welcome to the Character Sagas and Debates section, where users discuss more hotly contested topics in debate threads. The rules in this section are a little different, and are as follows:

1. Explain your views. Don’t just say you like or dislike the topic in question, or use the debate topic to bash sagas or characters.

2. Stay on topic, if the threads are dedicated to discussing a specific thing, keep as much of your post about that topic as possible. Try and avoid going on large tangents that could drag a thread off topic, even if some of your post is on topic.

3 . Respect the opinions of others, and aim to maintain a friendly atmosphere. Debates threads are not competitions, or an avenue for you to try and convert people who see things differently from you. The idea is to explain your opinions in a way that others who feel the same way can more easily identify why they share that opinion. Respect that people have their own reasons for seeing things differently from you.

4. Avoid stating the exact same points excessively or aggressively. Debates threads aren’t for proving viewpoints “objectively” correct or poking holes in other’s reasons for liking things. If you’ve made your point, it’s best to move on and give somebody else a chance to explain their views.

All other rules that apply to other sections also apply in Character and Sagas debates as well, and it is recommended you be familiar Pointless Post and Flaming and Baiting rules. You can view the now updated list of rules here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact any of the anime section moderators.

Anyone is free to make a debate thread, however your thread will not be posted straight away. Each thread has to be approved by a moderator first, and we aim to approve each thread within three days at most. However do note that sometimes it can take longer, and if your thread has gone unapproved for several days you may send a polite reminder via PM to one of the moderators.