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    Dawn is, was, and always will be, my absolute favorite of the girls. I haven't watched all the episodes of any of them, because I have a very limited amount of T.V. time, so I don't completely know any of their story arcs, but as a person, she helped Ash the most with her training style. She also had the friendliest personality of the three girls, always with a good word to say.
    Also, I liked the way she didn't always win, although she could have handled it better.
    I will admit though, I'm kind of biased, because Dawn is in Giratina and The Sky Warrior (Shaymin), and Shaymin is my favorite Pokemon of all time.

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    I seem to think that Dawn and may are favorite companions of the series. For many of the same reason. mainly her dole as Deuterogonist.

    However unlike May, Dawn seemed to be struggling more with the contests but then seem to be blitzing past them as if Smogon's in-universe equivalent had a made a metagame for contests.

    She and ash also seem to made a great impact on each other at time.

    Though I missed most f that arc. I still find her return to best Wishes during (maybe before? i forgot) the Meloetta arc on the highlight of what I have seen (along with Ash vs. Giovanni).

    If there were any points against her it would be that damn penguin and that the pacing was a bit wonky after she got over her losing streak.

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