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  • Trip

    49 81.67%
  • Bianca

    7 11.67%
  • Stephan

    4 6.67%
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Thread: Who is Ash's worst rival in Unova

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    Default Re: Who is Ash's worst rival in Unova

    Bianca was pretty terrible because she was just a talking running gag. A really shitty one too because everything she did (and repeated) was annoying as hell. Oh and she manages to beat Trip despite being an utterly atrocious trainer in literally every other episode.

    Then Trip because of all the shit in the massive wall of text I posted in the Trip thread a few days ago. Not bringing all that up again.

    Finally, Stephan was pretty cool, had neat pokemon and also Sawk's Bulk Up animation was one of the best things to happen in Best Wishes because fuck, it was amazing and hilarious and amazing and I liked it

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    Default Re: Who is Ash's worst rival in Unova

    I know everyone is bagging on Trip (rightfully so), but what of Cameron?

    Idiot Boy Wonder who not only cheaply got his 8th badge, but defeated Ash with only 5 Pokemon because he didn't realize it was a full battle. It's that trolling that made him slip past Trip ever so slightly as worst BW rival.
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    ^ Because Cameron isn't even in the poll-- this thread was made in the summer of 2012. Also I don't really count CamMoron as a rival because he showed up near the end and they only competed with each other once. ;|

    That Riolu was overly powerful which was annoying though.

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    Default Re: Who is Ash's worst rival in Unova

    Wow, so much Trip hate.

    But yeah, my vote goes to Trip as well. xD Can't stand the dude. I can't stand even more how Ash's level bazillion Pikachu lost to Trip's level five Snivy.
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    Trip, hands down. Stephan was a refreshing and unique rival and Bianca, while annoying, was his first female rival (iirc) and sometimes a fun character to have around.

    Trip just sucked.

    Edit: Wait, scratch that. That kid with a Riolu was the worst. He was SO bad that I even forgot his existence for a moment.

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    Default Re: Who is Ash's worst rival in Unova

    Why the heck is Cameron not in the poll? I never understood of what the point of his existence was, he was terrible.

    Out of all the poll options, I have to go with Trip. I hated him with a passion and I felt like they were trying too hard to re-create Paul from Sinnoh. Trip is the worst, hands down.

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