CONTEST: What are your favorite Tracey pokemon?

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  • Scyther

    10 76.92%
  • Marill

    6 46.15%
  • Venonat

    3 23.08%
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Thread: What are your favorite Tracey pokemon?

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    Default What are your favorite Tracey pokemon?

    Tracey was unfortunately for very short time in main cast but he had few pokemon helping him during travels and now when he works as prof. Oak assistant.

    If any of his pokemon caught your attention, here you can state your likings and what draw you toward particular pokemon in first place.

    My favorite has to be:
    -Scyther: even though he is old and can get quickly tired in battle , i enjoyed in him quite a lot being amazed by pride of warrior he always had and it was sad to see when he got kicked out from his swarm in favor of younger and stronger member. It reminded me of real life cycle when animals fight for leadership to become dominant alpha male of pack. Interestingly enough he was the only pokemon Ash Charizard had respect for during disobedient period having small rivalry between them. I also wish we seen him little more often because despite high age, he never gave up being strong battler. Perhaps one day he evolves to Scizor rejuvenating him.

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    Default Re: What are your favorite Tracey pokemon?

    Fuuu I can't decided between Marill and Scyther so they both have my vote. I like Venonat too though but the others had more personality show time.


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