May catch several pokemon as coordinator which were of great assistance during contests both in appeal rounds and battling. Here you can list your favorite pokemon she caught and don't forget to provide reasoning behind your choices.

Here is my list:
-Blaziken: it is her strongest pokemon bringing her many wins as Combusken. It was intriguing when he felt neglected in Torchic stage and for awhile after he evolved feeling obligation to compete and prove himself to May after she started to actively use Bautifly. However with time he realized how he doesn't have to prove himself to her and compete with Bautifly for attention anymore being of great value to pokmon contests scoring several important wins. Probably most important one happened against Drew Absol. His battle against Ash Sceptile was one of my favorite May battles, that's for sure with blaze ability and techniques like blaze kick making him outstanding.

-Munchlax:what to say i like gluttonous pokemon and he was always hilarious as pokemon. I wish we get to see more of him, but he still had some great focus enjoying in his battle against Nicolette and Harley in contest(even though he lost to Octillery).