FUN AND GAMES: What _'s _ would talklike, in human language!

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Thread: What _'s _ would talklike, in human language!

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    Default What _'s _ would talklike, in human language!

    The game is simple:You simply propose what a trainer's notable Pokémon would sound like with a human voice!

    #1. Quote an example of the speech
    #2. Use only a language and/or Dialect you and others certifiably know and understand.
    #3 No Japanese, Chinese, or other pictographic letters. Not everybody can read those.
    #4. Site Rules.
    #5. No rude/foul/sexual/etc. quotes.
    #6. No illegal links, if you choose to do so.
    #7. Have fun!
    #8. Notable means having an article in Bulbapedia's Mainspace, or an userspace one with actual worke put into it(I.E. @Force Fire;'s Masaomi's Throh.

    Here's my example!

    If Ash's Pikachu spoke human, he'd sound like Ike from Fire Emblem's Super Smash Bros. Brawl voice!

    "I fight for my friends!"

    That would be the sort of thing Pikachu would say and do, and SSBB Ike's Dub Voice fits him, IMO.

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    Default Re: What _'s _ would talklike, in human language!

    Ash's Charmander would talk with an English accent: "I say, old chap, this is quite a lovely cup of tea." Remember, his last trainer was a limey who called him "Winston."
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