CONTEST: Tyson vs Paul (read before rules before you vote) DESERT BATTLE

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Thread: Tyson vs Paul (read before rules before you vote) DESERT BATTLE

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    Default Tyson vs Paul (read before rules before you vote) DESERT BATTLE


    Who would win in a full battle on the desert field(it exists) in a stadium arena. What Pokemon they use is open to interpretation based on circumstances and character. Both saw this fight coming 10 days in advance.

    1Tyson was shown to have only 6 pokemon (5 of them fully evolved) though we don't know if he uses more.
    Paul was shown to use more than six he has at least sixteen fully evolved Pokemon.
    2Tyson appears older then Ash or Paul but was competing in his home region. Here are some theories which have drastically different effects on the battle.

    Tyson started his journey late

    Tyson is just tall

    Tyson went to other regions first like Paul

    Tyson returned

    Tyson took a LONG TIME to get his eight badges (unlikely)

    3.Tyson beat Ash the only time he fought him. Paul beat Ash and lost to him AFTER Ash went to the BF.

    4Tyson won the entire conference but Paul lost to Ash who managed to take out Darkrai.

    5 Tyson is from Mauville and Paul is from Veilstone(culture can make a difference what)

    Please remember this is on the the desert field which just might make a difference. I will be partial and I like both of them. Commence!! IT'S BATTLE TIME !!!!(YES I MUST DO THE DENT THING)

    ps play by play would be super but only if you want to.

    EDIT NOT ONE REPLY !!!!!!1
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