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Thread: Least Favorite Saga

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    Default Re: Least Favorite Saga

    Quote Originally Posted by 1rkhachatryan View Post
    BW for sure, no question. Seriously after the 7th gym, it just became unbearable.
    You just hit the nail on the head!
    Being a fan means being unashamed of what you like, no matter what anyone else says

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    Default Re: Least Favorite Saga

    I may be in the minority for saying this but i found the Kanto badge quest to be worse saga of the original series, Say what you want about Johto and OI but i enjoyed them more than i did Kanto.
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    Default Re: Least Favorite Saga

    I've said it many times, but BW. Just to keep it short, simple, and as rant-free as possible:

    -Ash was regressed into a noob, forgetting even the basics of how to catch a Pokemon.
    -His "journey" in Unova felt like a vacation; he didn't seem serious about wanting to beat this region's league whatsoever.
    -His Gym battle with Elesa; very, very painful to watch.
    -His team was pretty bad; too big, not enough time for any to get any real focus and evolve, some members I forgot about entirely.
    -Oshawott's comic relief got old VERY quickly.
    -Iris was a complete asshole and hypocrite. I've seen female characters have their arguments with Ash, but Iris was completely over the top and her constant rudeness was unneccesary and irritating.
    -Axew screwing up everything and Iris never bothering to give enough of a damn to do anything about it. Scratch that; never caring enough to do anything positive about it. What she did do was baby that thing!
    -Too many rivals, none were able to get enough attention or development.
    -While I originally didn't like contests too much, as I felt they took away time from Ash's Gym battles, Iris and Cilan doing absolutely nothing is far worse. Especially when Ash has lost all the skills he's had for years. If he'd been good, it may not have been so bad. It was almost as if no one was doing anything.

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    Default Re: Least Favorite Saga

    Best Wishes was the worst series imo. The writing was horrible and everything felt too rushed and the battles sucked. DA also should have never existed. Johto and the Orange Islands would be 2nd worst to me because Johto had too many fillers and Misty became boring and had no personality and Brock had it worse imo. Orange Islands was bad because I didn't like the gyms there, they felt pointless tbh because there was no gym battles, just races and other stuff.

    DP=BF>Kanto=Hoenn>Orange Islands>Johto>BW1>BW 2: EP N>BW: 2>BW 2: DA!
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    Default Re: Least Favorite Saga

    Looking back even though i didn't find Unovs to be that "bad", when comparing it with other sagas i have to say it was my least favorite for several reasons.

    Back than when Bw was just announced and started to air i was excited about new ideas and experiments like Don George battle clubs, fresh type of quest for female to follow doing coverage on one of most popular types out there(Dragons) being glad how after 8 years of contests finally something else was brought on table. I welcomed idea of Ash rotating pokemon, all companions having rivals and TR being more organized and competent.

    However it all went downhill for me in first part when 12 years of development and achievements main protagonist went through went down ther gutter with past and previous adventures, companions being treated like nonexistant which never happened.
    Giving out impression how its pointless to follow someone journey anymore if there is no progression injected into it.

    Accompanied with lack of proper focus, inconsistent and shallow treatment of new features which backfired negatively on character and story development frustrating me even more. Such as terrible league which had one of most rushed and anticlimactic plannings ever, rivalries going nowhere, lack of development for characters like Cilan or lack of believable growth in certain aspects like it was with Iris accompanied with there being not out any clear cut direction in which plot should go with lot of material BW firstly introduced ending as wasted potential.

    In short I welcome experimenting and new ides by all means, but i don't appreciate if staff drop ball with them doing bad job from it. With issues arising probably from multiple factors like lack of being prepared and experienced enough in dealing with new concepts, possible disputes going between writers but natural disasters which no one could predict to happen like massive earthquake,. Which influenced Team Plasma story and way in which it would be executed.

    Also as it wasn't bad enough after league and N arc which was one of rare BW series highlights, whole adventure through Dekolora islands felt like giant waste of time not containing any substantial storyline or reason to be there(i thought Battle Frontier was worst out of allk sidearcs but Decolora took first place for me). Such as some sort of quest Ash would need to accomplish which usually side sagas include making his journey in this series more meaningful feeling like he at least accomplished something after fiasco which happened with other tournaments and league. Involving much needed development of characters like Cilan, their rivals or Iris whose growth feels inconsistent and contrived.

    Worst of all is how BW2 games gave them lot of material to work with like World Cup. Which could have been used as story which would fill up time before new games come out and provide Dekolora with actual substance Such as spreading chain of tournaments across the region all being part of world championship for Ash to enter and rank up as trainer. As well return older gym leaders and popular ex main familiar faces like Brock and Misty whose story could had benefit from battling strong trainers from all parts of world competing in high level tournaments. Which would only help better promote new games and bring more excitement.

    Instead they wasted perfectly fine potential turning big deal from games into joke which was called Junior Cup spending rest of sagas on episodes of no consequence or much plot to begin with. With exception of few, far between episodes.

    Ill be fair though because there are things i liked such as Don George tournaments, group chemistry which felt to be full of energy and many fun episodes containing lighthearted humor and good dialogue.
    And we got N arc which was imo highlight of whole Bw series executing it in decent manner.

    But overall messed up storyline, butchered plots and poorly done development Best Wishes offered prevailed in Unova ending as my least favorite saga so far.

    Granted Johto got on my nerves too at times with wasted potential, abandoned plots and sheer amount of episodes of no consequence starting following repetitious line of helping COTD, but looking back im giving it some of a free pass.
    At least it had better following with Ash and co going somewhere maturing and developing closer bond instead of resetting, there was sense of continuity present and group interacting was more endearing imo .Enjoying in Ash cheeky overconfidence, Brock assertive,flirty nature and Misty rebellious, full of brash determination attitude mixed with tender sides maintaining their charm.(making me question when i hear how this cast had "no personality?").

    Saving it from being on bottom of my list as far as pokemon sagas go and which one ended delivered as most underwhelming filled with disappointment for me.
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    Default Re: Least Favorite Saga

    Best Wishes for sure, almost made me quit the anime after watching it for more than a decade, that's how bad it was. :/ Thanks XY for redeeming the show!
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