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Thread: KANTO Misty vs ADVANCED (Non-BF) May

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    Default KANTO Misty vs ADVANCED (Non-BF) May

    We have a Misty vs May poll, but not a contest for these two at their *best*.

    Which one do you prefer?

    For me, I prefer Misty, because she's funnier, more developed, and just better overall.

    I'll do the MvM at their *worst* poll later.

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    Default Re: KANTO Misty vs ADVANCED (Non-BF) May

    Tie, because I always liked Misty, but while I initially hated May, she kept getting better and better and I found her interactions with Misty in "A Togepi Mirage!" and stuff really good and I like both characters equally because both were the first of their kind to establish their personalities that would later be found in Dawn (much of her personality is a mix between May and Ash) and Iris (much of her personality is Misty's taken to its most extreme).

    BF May is slightly worse than Kanto Misty or Advanced May, IMO. While May increased in maturity, she got a bit too serious and lost her funnier side and wasn't as fun a character in that season. Michele Knotz got better at May as BF progressed (I find her voice for the character was at its peak in Movie 9), but it just didn't compare to Veronica Taylor's voice for May, IMO, who was excellent. May seemed to lack a lot of her goofiness and enthusiasm in general though in BF. Still, she was good in that season anyway, though.

    The same thing can be argued for Johto Misty as for BF May, who was also at her most mature level, yet she lost a lot of her spunkiness and tomboyish nature in lieu of a more subdued personality. Though in Misty's case, I feel that her maturity in Johto showed just how much Misty had developed during the series and her Pokemon team certainly reflected that in Johto: she even had a Politoed! So I was more fond of how Misty's maturation was carried out than May's myself.

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    Default Re: KANTO Misty vs ADVANCED (Non-BF) May

    There's already a thread on this topic here: More enjoyable to you, Misty or May?

    There's really no reason to make a separate thread for what one thinks as their best or worsts arcs of their respective series, so please take the discussion on these two characters to this thread instead. Thank you.


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