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Thread: If you could "redo" the first episode in any way...

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    Default If you could "redo" the first episode in any way...

    As great as the first episode was, do you think it could've been altered in any way? Do you think Ash should've received Pikachu differently? Do you think some sort of backstory should've been necessary, such as where Pikachu actually came from? What about the very beginning? Did you like the "game-music-fading-into-anime-music" introduction? Do you think Ash's dad should've been around? What about Gary? It's obvious that he and Ash grew up together, but in the dialogue it seems like they'd met for the very first time.

    (I apologize in advance if this thread belongs somewhere else!)
    "It was perfect, beautiful, like something someone with an overreactive imagination would dream up in her unfulfilled fantasies." -Jessie, The Heartbreak of Brock

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    Default Re: If you could "redo" the first episode in any way...

    Maybe it could use a few changes, but I think it's fine as is.


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