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Thread: Favourite Series So Far?

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    Default Re: Favourite Series So Far?

    This is tough for me... Each series has its own good qualities and bad qualities.

    I would have to go with Best Wishes, for several reasons:

    - I liked that there were multiple rivals, and that both companions each also had their own rival as well.
    - Ash catching a lot of different Pokemon, many of whom were my favorites. Each of the earlier series had no Pokemon that were my favorite.
    - Had great pacing of the series, other series felt too short or too long.
    - Team Rocket had their own major plots and most of Best Wishes didn't appear in every episode, making it more enjoyable for me.
    - There were multiple tournaments to go along with the Gym battles and the league.

    It had things I didn't like, but those particular reasons are why I like it over the others.

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    Default Re: Favourite Series So Far?

    Advanced Generation. It wasn't perfect, but it got a number of things right and was perhaps the only series to hold my interest from start to finish (I.E. I watched all but a couple of episodes, as opposed to something like Diamond and Pearl were I watched some of the first season and then gave up).

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    Default Re: Favourite Series So Far?

    DP or AG - it's hard to pick since I never saw all of AG; I had a hard time fitting it into my schedule while it was airing. I need to re-watch it sometime. I like how both series increased the emphasis on plot, DP probably moreso although AG kept more of the wackiness of the original series from what I saw.

    XY looks like it'll also be a contender for my favorite.

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    Default Re: Favourite Series So Far?

    While I enjoy all of the anime series, I would have to say that OS is my favorite. OS has this craziness, quirk, and creativity that you don't find in the later series and had the best episodes overall in my personal opinion. What I've noticed from re-watching OS is that the characters have these particular quirks which largely disappear in the later series. For example, in Kanto Pikachu has this quirky personality while in the later series Pikachu's personality just doesn't stick out that much. Plus, I don't think you can beat the character interactions between Ash, Misty, and Brock (And yes, I do miss the original trio). While I do enjoy the later series, I actually have to agree with the claims that there is something missing in the later series that OS had. Plus, OS had the best OST out of all of the anime series. BTW, I don't think Johto is as bad as many people are claiming. Many of those fillers are actually quite enjoyable.
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