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Thread: Favourite regional pokemon league

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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    Ritchie was the most god awful person ever wrote in. Its like they took all the bad from Ash and made him win. Cameron is much better IMO.

    I was so dissapointed in Johto because charizard could have won but didnt.

    Hoenn was too many battles for too few pokemon.

    Sinnoh was ruined by trollbias.

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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    The Sinnoh League was a masterpiece any way you look at it. Cyndaquil finally evolved, Heracross kicked so much ass, and Sceptile beat his first legendary. Ash was doing so good, the writers had to introduce someone with a very strong Darkrai and Latios for the sole purpose of stopping him.

    Apart from Hoenn, the others were kinda meh. Ritchie pissed me off, Macy and Jackson got annoying real fast, and don't even get me started on Cameron....
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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    It's a toss up between Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Both leagues had some fun battles, and they gave off the impression that Ash's Pokemon were capable for the most part throughout the entire run of the league.

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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    I liked the Hoenn one best. I thought that Ash's battles in Sinnoh didn't use enough of his pokemon that he had been training SO HARD, and instead he relied on pokemon that were not centered on. In Johto, the people were...yeah. And in Kanto, the battles were too quick and all that stuff.
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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    I find it really amusing that at first, most people agreed that Hoenn wasn't too good and Sinnoh was great. Then.. as the thread progressed, Sinnoh became "terrible" and Hoenn became the "best".

    How did that.. what? xD

    All of them were great in their own ways. I really liked Kanto's first battles, especially when they introduced the different elemental fields. The Orange Islands had a memorable final battle, especially with the Ditto technique against Pikachu.
    Johto is really interesting. Ash was shown as a stronger trainer than ever, and finally defeating Gary. A majority of the battles were outstanding.
    It was interesting in Hoenn that he only used his Hoenn Pokemon. I guess that is fair enough considering the Pokemon from the previous generations have been used so much. The battles were good, but they don't seem as memorable as the previous gens. I guess that's just me. :"3 Don't get me wrong, Hoenn is my favourite region and that season was one of the greatest~

    Sinnoh, well, what can I say that already hasn't? It was amazingly handled.
    And on the Barry and Paul battle, I have to say that it was a well written choice for a battle. It was good seeing Barry, someone who has admired Paul's battling skills, finally get to battle Paul. I wonder, once his Pokemon try so hard for him but still lose, and Paul brutally defeat him just like that in the league; where Barry has been trying so hard to enter... did Barry think otherwise about Paul?
    That's why I thought Barry and Pauls' battle was great.

    The Unova League?

    Atleast.. well, I was about to say that they were full battles, but they really weren't.

    The animation was fantastic, and the battles were written uniquely. They didn't have that memorable feel to them, though.


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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    It was the longest League yet and it really had some good battles especially the ones against Conway and Paul.

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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    4.Unova Kanto

    The Hoenn League was simply amazing in many regards, it had some nice full battles, lots of different diverse challengers and it was amazing for that. We saw some nice intriguing strategies and double battles, six-on-six, one-on-ones, loved it all. No Pokemon was really shafted, everyone got fair treatment for the most part. Grovyle starring against Walrein, Pikachu taking on Hitmonlee with one move to copy Beldum, Corphish taking out Swalot via Bubblebeam in the mouth, Glalie battling Charizard, these were all just some great moments for Ash's fun-to-watch Hoenn team. That's just a few battles right there, all around it was a very very well done competition with a plethora of interesting C(s)OTD.

    The Johto League did a fantastic job of showcasing Ash's growth from the beginning of OS to the end and how his Pokemon had grown equally as well. Squirtle's battle against Electabuzz was really well done for example, showing off those bulls-eye Water Gun skills well when faced with an Electric-type. Showing off his immense improvement in speed too, just jumping randomly around Pikachu VS. Kecleon was pretty well done too. Overall it was a great league, the pacing could have been better and there were some errors but it was admirable.

    The Sinnoh League felt more like the Ash and Paul show than a league unfortunately. The full battle was well done in many regards but Nando's battle was a mess really and Conway's battle was pretty boring outside of Trick Room, though I still thought it was good battle because of Gible. I love that little guy's eccentricity, getting Sludge Bomb'd in the throat, not good. Didn't care for Draco Meteor being mastered at that moment either to be honest, the build-up and constant scenes of training of it left me cold when Gible finally did it right. Lickylicky went down way too quickly, as did Dusknoir. Tobias's methods of knocking Ash outta the league were just really rushed and felt kinda lazy, I think I would have preferred a full battle with him using Darkrai among a team of normal Pokemon. Though I did like the fact Sceptile beat Darkrai. Going back to the Paul full battle, I felt like it was focused too much on Infernape in a lot of areas.

    Infernape had already had an immense amount of gyms by that point, going on to take out three of Paul's Pokemon was silly. The win against Ninjask should have gone to Torterra, Torterra's struggle since evolution was adapting to a form of stationary, defensive battling. The writers threw that out the window to once again show off Infernape's speed. We already knew Infernape was fast when it rocked Aggron with a Mach Punch while Aggron was creating the beginnings of a Flash Cannon and the announcer emphasized it. Torterra being used as fodder against Drapion was ridiculous, I still never understood why Ash would toss his Torterra up against an obvious double weakness on top of a Toxic Spikes-infested field. That small portion was rushed.

    I didn't like the way Barry looked like a punk in his battle either, though his fate was sealed in the show when he debuted as a Paul brown noser. It was a shame, I wanted to see him do decently considering he looked like shit as a rival all of Sinnoh. Only able to really do well against Ash's newly caught, tired Gible with a faulty Draco Meteor and a fatigued Dragon Pulse and I found most of his antics and quirks to be taxing on the ol' brain chromosomes.

    The Unova League's "full" battle was just shitty, there were some portions I liked like Pignite VS. Hydreigon and Riolu VS. Snivy. I felt it was rushed, had no real essence of strategy, and overall pretty bland for a full battle. The Stephan battle was good and the Trip battle wasn't too bad, it was decent. The Cameron battle should have been done a lot better. Bianca at least gave a decent showing and didn't get massacred as badly as I thought she would. I was still disappointed with her behavior in the league though.

    Bianca didn’t exactly bring her A-game at the league either. Relying on Attract for example on the chance Samurott would be a female wasn’t a smart thing to do in a high stakes situation like a league battle. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not weak, but she didn’t seem determined as she was in the Clubsplosion, but just more of her ditzy self. Using Emboar against Samurott, despite the Attract thing was a mistake. Minccino had Thunderbolt to deal with it, and is more agile to get around Samurott’s attacks like Pikachu did, not to mention its smaller form could have come in handy against Riolu and Minccino is a guy and has Attract like Emboar so Samurott would have been lights out. Basically, she didn’t seem to be thinking ahead, just trying to get lucky. I mean the whole time it felt like she was on vacation, not trying to win the tournament.

    The Kanto League for what I remember of it was kinda meh. Nothing I really loved, I did like how Bellsprout was so judo-ish. Didn't care for Krabby's sweep at the league, Bulbasaur knocking out a Beedrill/Scyther with one Leech Seed/Vine Whip, Charizard being an ass and costing Ash the whole league and going to sleep, speaking of sleeping Happy putting Squirtle to sleep wins Ritchie one of the battles? I guess anyone with a Jigglypuff's shoe in, such a broken mechanic.
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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    Johto was my favorite, largely because of the Ash vs. Gary battle. (Go Charizard!) It also featured the least embarrassing league loss for Ash. Yeah, Charizard did go down, but not without one hell of a fight.

    Hoenn wasn't bad, but I wasn't too thrilled about Pikachu losing to Puss 'n' Boots at the end (and hadn't he just taken down a Metagross? Just another example of Pika's variable strength).

    Sinnoh had the terrific Ash vs. Paul battle (with sweet karmic payback courtesy of Infernape), but Ash vs. Trollbias sunk it.

    Kanto...I'm a bit iffy on. Ash did get screwed by TR's trap (though he was an idiot for falling for it in the first place), which really hurt his chances, and his inability to train Charizard bit him in the ass hard.

    Unova...ugh. Don't get me started. Just don't.
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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    Johto was my favorite.

    Hoenn gets second place.

    Sinnoh in the middle at a decent third.

    Kanto was my second worst.

    Not even going to start on why Unova was my worst.

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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    Sinnoh was my favorite. I even liked the Tobias battle as well.

    Hoenn is next.

    Johto is third. Probably because of the Macey fire battle. My favorite.

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    Default Re: Favourite regional pokemon league

    While Orange league don't count:
    1. Sinnoh, Ash's best achievement(top 4, great battles with his rivals namely paul, first person ever to took down both latios and darkrai of Trollbias).
    2. Hoenn(top 8, battle with morrison, tyson good battles)
    3. Johto(top 8, even though this is one of my least favorite region, but he at least took down former rival gary. Fought some guy who owns blaziken).
    4. Unova(top 8, although trip is an uninteresting rival in comparison to paul and gary, trip at least pull up pretty good fight, and that cameron guy sweep 3 of ash's pokemon with liolu-->lucario).
    5. Kanto(the worst one, not even worth to mention).
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