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    Default Favorite Battle Frontier facility

    As the title suggests, which Battle Frontier facility was your favorite? I am referring to the battles of course.

    For me, I think Ash's battle against Tucker (Battle Dome) was one of the most intimidating battles. Corphish/Swellow combo and Ash's strategy to deal with those beasts... <3

    My second favorite would be Noland (Battle Factory), and I think you know why.

    PS: Please do not start bashing about the new voice cast or anything of that sort. The question is pretty simple.

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    Default Re: Favorite Battle Frontier facility

    Tucker. Tucker Tucker Tucker.

    That battle was amazing, seriously. I guess it could be because of myself being a huge fan of double battle/tag battles, but Tucker was also a truly interesting Trainer who I thought really managed to bring forth the heat and excitement to the battle, and his marvelous combos were a sight for the eye. That Fire/Water fusion... adafasfadasf.

    I also loved the stadium they were battling in, it reminded me a lot of the Battle Tower battle in Destiny Deoxys, and I just can't help but to get much more excited for a battle when there's a huge crowd there too. And as for the duo of Corphish and Swellow, I liked it. At first I felt like I would've prefered to see Grovyle instead of Swellow, but Swellow's ability to fly felt like a key factor in this battle, so I later changed my mind. Even if they had a shaky start I still thought that they managed to turn the tables in a reasonable way, so they won't here any complaints from me.

    I really didn't mind any of the Frontier Battles, I thought everyone of them were somewhat enjoyable, except for the Battle Pike that was a little stale, imo. The Battle Palace felt very creative and unique due to the Pokémon using the whole forest to their battle stage, and I loved seeing how both Trainers and Pokémon really got all into it and gave it their all in that battle, it felt very refreshing. So, the Battle Palace is probably my second favorite.

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    Default Re: Favorite Battle Frontier facility

    moving to gf

    also tucker because spandex and pretty animation for the battle

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