CONTEST: Which of Ash's Flying types are strongest?

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Thread: Which of Ash's Flying types are strongest?

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    Default Which of Ash's Flying types are strongest?

    Same princaple as the fire and water type threads.

    Pidgeot was not on Ash's team for that long really and it did not have that good of a movepool, however it was fast and undoubtable strong, if it had of stayed with Ash through the orange islands and eventually oaked, being called back on occasions, it would probaly seem like his best but having not appeared for years, we can't say much about it.

    Noctowl has a great movepool; Hypnosis, Sky Attack, Air Slash and Extrasensory. Unlike Pidgeot, Staraptor and Tranquill (so far) it starred in a gym agaist Morty where the battle was almost all Noctowl's. Most recently it had its win agaist Lickylicky where it was shown to be very good so Noctowl is my 2nd favourite contendor.

    Swellow was incredible, I can only remember him losing to Latios without a win first. Swellow was able to work well with quite a small movepool; still relying on wing attack as its strongest move with its only unique move being Double Team but Swellow wasalways strong. Unlike most his other Flying types he relied on Swellow as a powerhouse, and unlike the others it pulled of more crazy things that you'd expect from Pikachu, Charizard, Buizel etc, like using Arieal ace under water and, dare I speak good of it, Thunder Armour. All this considered I think Swellow is his best

    Staraptor was strong like Swellow, had intresting moves like Brave Bird and Close Combat, but it never really got any good wins other than Honchkrow, yeah he beat Roserade and Medichan but they weren't that good, of course Staraptor could very well be the strongest but he never really demonstrated that.

    I haven't included Tranquill because her story has not finished, Charizard and Gliscor I have not included because 1. its unfair on the others and 2. although flying was a big part of their battle styles, they never used flying type attacks and were never really used as Flying types.

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    Default Re: Which of Ash's Flying types are strongest?

    I'd say Swellow or Staraptor due to the amount of battles they had. Swellow was a juggernaut (just watch its matches in the Hoenn league), where it could take tons of damage but dish it out right back. It lifted a Donphan with its tallons and flipped it into the air for goodness sakes. It also had this bizarre immunity to electricity.

    Staraptor was very properly trained, while it didn't win all its matches, it has a number of good battles and I liked the way it defeated Paul's Gastrodon.

    Noctowl is weak physically, but its psychic attacks make up for it. Its too bad Noctowl was barely used back in Johto so we didn't see it battle much, but again its Johto, so what do you expect?

    Tranquil is the weakest for obvious reasons....its his newest bird and it barely battles.

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    Default Re: Which of Ash's Flying types are strongest?

    We already have the Pidgeot vs Noctowl vs Swellow vs Staraptor vs Tranquil thread, so please use that thread instead.


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